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2017 WAEC Animal Husbandry Practical Study specimen P (Wood shavings),Q(Egg tray) and R (Spade) and answer the questions that follow....

WAEC 2017

Study specimen P (Wood shavings),Q(Egg tray) and R (Spade) and answer the questions that follow.

(a)(i) State two uses of each of specimen P and R on animal farm.

(ii) State three uses of specimen Q.

(b) Name three other tools that could be used in a poultry farm.

(c) State two precautions that should v=be taken when using specimen P.

(d) mention three ways of amaintaining specimen R.



(a)(i) Uses of specimen P (Wood Shaving); (I) Used as bedding material for livestock/poultry (II) Serves as fuel for making fire (III) May serve as feed for ruminants (IV) For compost formation (V) Mulching materials

Uses of specimen R (spade); (I) To pack/gather waste in farm houses (II) For mixing of animal feed (III) For mixing concrete (IV) Construction of drainage channels (V) For weeding (VI) Leveling of soil.

(ii) Uses of Specimen Q (Egg tray); (I) For incubation/setting of eggs (II) For storage (III) For transportation (IV) For protection of eggs (V) For sorting/holding/packing/picking of eggs (VI) Unit of measurement when eggs are sold

(b) Tools used in a poultry house; Head pan, rake, shovel, fork, wheel barrow, brooder, cages, debeaker, knife, pliers, screwdriver, sprayer, nest, incubator, drinking/water trough, feeding trough, perches, dropping board, tape rule, wrenches, stove, lantern/electric bulb, hammer, saw, coal pots and brood guard surround.

(c) Precautions on the uses of specimen P (wood shavings) (i) Avoid use of wet/mouldy wood shavings (ii) Avoid using naked fire source where wood shaving is used (iii) Avoid ammonia build up by replacing regularly (iv) Avoid uneven distribution of wood shaving

(d) Maintainance of Specimen R (spade); (i) Sharpen blade when blunt (ii) Oil/grease the metal parts (iii) Clean and dry after use (iv)Store in a dry termite free place (v) Repair broken parts

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