The trans Atlantic slave trade lasted for a long time due to what?

The trans Atlantic slave trade lasted for a long time due to what?

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1 month ago
The size of the Atlantic slave trade
dramatically transformed African
societies. The slave trade brought
about a negative impact on
African societies and led to the
long-term impoverishment of West
Africa. This intensified effects that
were already present amongst its
rulers, kinships, kingdoms and in
  • Sydneystudio: The slaves often died before reaching
    the Americas due to poor or
    inadequate food, disease, and
    emotional despair ...
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  • Sydneystudio: The main reason it took so long to
    abolish the slave trade was simply
    because the pro-slave trade lobby had
    too many important and powerful
    figures in the establishment.
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1 month ago
The trade did indeed last for a long time, from the 1400s to the 1850s. The main reason for the length of the trade was that it produced large amounts of money for most of the people involved. People benefited economically. However, there were other reasons. There were few anti-slavery voices until the later 18th century. Most people's belief systems did not regard slavery as the heinous crime that people consider it nowadays. Because slavery had been around since ancient times under one form or another, people assumed it was an acceptable institution. In the Americas, slavery was also a form of racism, because only black Africans were turned into slaves.
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