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if V/2f = L2-L1, obtain an expression for the Percentage error in V in terms...

if V/2f = L2-L1, obtain an expression for the Percentage error in V in terms of the errors in L1 and L2?

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Answers (1)

1 month ago
V/2f = L2 - L1

V= 2f(L2 - L1)

Percentage error= Relative error × 100% •••(1)

Relative error = Absolute error/Actual value •••(2)

Absolute error = Measured value - Actual value •••(3)

You will only be able to solve for the percentage error with respect to the express, V= 2f(L2 - L1), in relation to an arbitrary constant.

V°= an arbitrary constant of V,
f°= that of f,
L2°= that of L2 and
L1°= that of L1

Thus, we would have,
V°= 2f°(L2° - L1°) •••(An arbitrary relationship)

Now, we will have to assume this arbitrary relationship as a measured value.

So, From equation (3),
Absolute error = V - V°
= 2f(L2 - L1) - 2f°(L2° - L1°)
= 2(f∆L - f°∆L°)

From equation (2), Relative error= [2(f∆L - f°∆L°)]/[2f∆L]

From equation (1),

Percentage error= 100[(f∆L - f°∆L°)/(f∆L)]%
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