How can I write a simple lalter writing?

How can I write a simple lalter writing?

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mizta smart
3 months ago
Writing a Letter
Let's tackle how to write a letter in proper
order, from top to bottom. These steps will
mostly be directed toward a formal letter.
The good news is that an informal letter is
even easier. You can dial back or remove a
few of the elements we're about to discuss
when writing an informal letter.
1. To start, place your full address --
including your full name, street address,
city, state, and zip code -- in the upper
left-hand corner.
2. Skip a line and include the date.
3. Skip a line and place the recipient's full
address. Here, you'll want to include the
company name, the recipient's name
and title, and mailing address.
4. Skip one more line to insert the
greeting. This is called the salutation. In
a formal letter, you can use a generic,
"To whom it may concern:" or, "Dear Mr.
Henry:" Formal letters tend to require a
colon after the greeting, and informal
letters take a comma.
5. Skip a line and begin the letter. In the
body of your letter, separate your
thoughts into paragraphs. You never
want to draft one big block of text. For
each new set of thoughts or ideas,
begin a new paragraph.
6. Skip one of your final lines to include a
complimentary close. The closing can be
as simple as, "Sincerely," "Yours truly,"
or "Gratefully." This should end with a
7. Skip three lines (where you'll insert
your handwritten signature), and type
your full name. You may also include
your title on the next line.
8. If you're including any attachments
with your letter, skip one more line and
type "Enclosure." If there's more than
one attachment, indicate how many
there are in parentheses, as in
"Enclosure (4)."
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