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State 10 definition of a state?

State 10 definition of a state?

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Answers (1)

1. the particular condition that someone or
something is in at a specific time.
"the state of the company's finances"
synonyms: condition, shape, situation,
circumstances, state of affairs, position,
predicament, plight, mood, humour, temper,
disposition, spirits, morale, state of mind,
emotional state, frame of mind, attitude
2. a nation or territory considered as an organized
political community under one government.
"Germany, Italy, and other European states"
synonyms: country, nation, land, sovereign state,
nation state, kingdom, empire, republic,
confederation, federation, body politic,
commonwealth, power, world power,
superpower, polity, domain, territory, fatherland,
motherland, realm, res publica
3. the civil government of a country.
"services provided by the state"
synonyms: government, parliament, the
administration, the regime, the authorities, the
council, the Establishment
4. pomp and ceremony associated with monarchy
or high levels of government.
"he was buried in state"
5. a specified impression taken from an etched or
engraved plate at a particular stage.
"an oblong plate, dry point, first state of eight"
6. express something definitely or clearly in speech
or writing.
"the report stated that more than 51 per cent of
voters failed to participate"
synonyms: express, voice, utter, say, tell,
declare, affirm, assert, aver, announce, make
known, communicate, reveal, disclose, divulge,
give out, give voice to, pronounce, articulate,
enunciate, proclaim, present, expound, preach,
promulgate, publish, broadcast, set out, set
down, frame, formulate, spell out, be specific
about, come out with, asseverate, set, fixed,
settled, agreed, declared, determined, approved,
authorized, accredited, ruled, ordained,
designated, laid down, claimed, official,
supposed, professed, alleged
7. present or introduce (a theme or melody) in a
"a bold theme is stated at the beginning, driving
the entire ten-minute allegro"
8. State is defined as a territory with its own government
and borders within a larger country. An example of a state
is California. The definition of a state is your current status or
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