please my admission status has been showing ADMISSION IN PROGRESS for a month plus now...

please my admission status has been showing ADMISSION IN PROGRESS for a month plus now and have admitted by my school on merit list and most of the people in my department have been also admitted on Jamb but mine still on AIP please help me i don't know if there is any issue.?

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7 months ago
The major reason for this is the fact that such candidates are yet to upload their O’level results on JAMB CAPS. Until your O’level results is uploaded on JAMB CAPS Portal, JAMB will not offer you any admission on their portal because you are simply not qualified for admission until you are able to provide your O’level result.

So we advise all candidates who are yet to be admitted on JAMB CAPS Portal even after their school of choice has offered them admission to immediately proceed to any accredited JAMB CBT centre or JAMB Office to upload their O’level results on JAMB Portal.

Even if you submitted your O’level results during JAMB Registration, you are advised to re-upload the results. Remember without JAMB giving you an admission, you cant print your JAMB Admission Letter and until you have a JAMB Admission Letter, your admission is not valid. All affected candidates are therefore advised to take this serious or risk losing their admission.

After re-uploading your results, you are advised to check JAMB CAPS again after 3 days or 1 week to see if your admission status has changed to “ADMITTED”.

Please make sure you've uploaded your O'Level results.

If you have, then just wait.
7 months ago
No, they is no issue.
Admission in progress means JAMB has received your name for admission but they will need to verify some criteria followed by the institution to ascertain their conformity with lay down rules.
I can guarantee if you have this status message, you’ll be offered admission at the end.
Here is What to do next. Wait for JAMB to complete her work. Keep checking your status from time to time and sooner the message will change to the next stage.
If you have not uploaded your o'level result to jamb caps, go and do it now.
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