How to clear carry-overs in mapoly?

How to clear carry-overs in mapoly?

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5 months ago
Assuming you carried a course, that's F, then you ended up passing it on next trial with an A, if we suppose it's a 2CU, that 'd now be, (0+10)/ 2, since you sat for it twice.

.which is why you can never get an A in a course you carried, that already is 2.5 which isn't up to C.
How to clear carry over.
1: Just study the pattern of your lecturers and give them what they want first before adding your own sugar. Remember this is Nigeria and "I too know" doesn't always work.
2: Study past questions. They are their to give you clue to future questions.
3: Don't be too hard on yourself. Remember this is first year and you still have four other years to make up
4: Discover your study pattern. There are times and places where you read and understand better. It may be in the morning, or at night.
5: Remember that cramming doesn't work. Read to understand and write in your own words.
6: Shun all negative thoughts especially during exams and please please please for no reason, don't hate any lecturer or course. You can't enjoy what you don't like.
7: find ways to impress your lecturers and please help your classmates when they need it. Avoid this idea of competition in class. you are not competing with anybody but your GPA. Remember when you help others, you gain more.
8: Know the kind of friends you keep. While in school I keep different kinds of friends:
the informants: They always get first hand information so I am always informed on latest happenings
9:Meditate. Find some quiet time and think through how far you have come. You will know you have gone far from where you started.
10: Pray when you feel all is not well. It works
5 months ago
1. Be diligent:
The reason why you failed the first time or a second time is due to lack of diligence. You weren’t serious and that’s the truth.
If you never tell yourself the truth you will ALWAYS dwell with
a lie and a lie will never produce true success.

By being diligent I mean:

— Get the scheduled time and day(s) for the course

— Attend classes regularly. Most people do not do this because of;
1. Pride
2. Shame

Pride comes before a fall and what’s the worse that can
happen?, you failed a course and that’s all. It will never happen again.

2. Be humble:

This is very important, it determines your success in life and it’s not limited to your academics.

— Attend tutorials no matter who is teaching.

— Never ascribe your failure in a
course to a lecturer, always respect and acknowledge your lecturers.

— Ask a student who is very good in the course to teach/tutor you, pick a date, schedule an appropriate time, be there early and learn.
5 months ago
By putting in more effort in ur studies
5 months ago
It's easy,
Read re sit the course.

And pass the exams.
It'll be easy since you already have first hand experience.
Take or accept you fact that you have a carry over

See a carryover as not your inability to pass a course but an opportunity to make a better score or GPA from the course

Read like your life has depended on the course

Study past questions and answers

Pray well
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