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what is constitution and the functions?

what is constitution and the functions?

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8 months ago
Constitution is a set of laws and rules that sets up machinery of the Government of a state and which defines and determines the relations between the
  • isaaq: different institutions and component of the government , the executive, the legislature the judiciary, the central and the local Government
    Accordingly we can define the functions of the Constitution as follows:
    The constitution provides a set of bas rules that allow for minimal coordination among members of a society.
    It also lays out the fundamental principl according to which a state is constituted governed.
    It specifies the basic allocation of power in society, and gives certain decision making powe to the law makers.
    It specifies who has the power to ma decisions in a society. It decides how t government will be constituted.
    Then, the constitution enables the governme to fulfil the aspirations of the society and t implement the ideals of justice, liberty an fraternity. At the same time it sets some limits what a government can impose on its citizens.
    These limits are fundamental mea government may never trespass them. F example, there are certain fundamentals righ provided to the citizens of the country, which t government can never trespass.
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8 months ago
A constitution is an aggregate of
fundamental principles or established
precedents that constitute the legal
basis of a polity, organisation or other
type of entity, and commonly determine
how that entity is to be governed.

The function of a Constitution
is to provide for the governmental powers,
the legal system, and the rights of
citizens in the nation. The modern model
for the proper function of
constitutions is provided by the United
States Constitution. Laws that are ultra
vires, or
“beyond the powers,” may be found with
officials given certain powers
under the Constitution but denied others,
the latter of which they exercise.
Similarly, laws which are found to infringe
on the rights of the citizens they
address will be declared null and void ab
initio, or “from the beginning.”
  • Gaby: “Constitution is mother of laws in an
    state and it covers all the aspect of lives”
    Main Functions of it are:
    1.Tells the citizens what to do or not?
    2.Tells the duties of state
    3. Tells the fundamental rights of citizens
    4. Makes stability and peace in the state
    5. Clears out all the qurries of citizens
    6. Developes social reforms in the society
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mizta smart
8 months ago
India is the structure
according to which the Democratic
Republic of India functions. It is a body
or a set of fundamental principles &
precedents according to which the State
or the Nation is aknowledged to be
Governed. When this principles are
written down into a Document, it's called
the ‘Constitution’.
Functions of a constitution : Generally,
every modern written constitution
confers specific powers to an
organization or institutional entity,
established upon the primary condition
that it abide by the said constitution's
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Answered Mar 24, 2018
Divyan Maurya, studied at R.D.
National College and W.A. Science
1. The constitution is the
foundation of the rule of state.
2. The constitution is the
embodiment of the fundamental
laws. This is the doc of the rule
of a state.
3. The constitution describes the
powers and functions of
different org government and
the relations among these
4. It states on the one side the
powers and duties of the
government and, on the rights
and duties of citizens.
5. It connects the ruler to the ruled,
and vice versa.
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