Please what is the method uniabuja use for their point system? How do they calculate...

Please what is the method uniabuja use for their point system? How do they calculate their point system please?

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4 months ago
Firstly uniabuja does not conduct postutme exam so they normally calculates the aggregate score based in your performance in jamb and waec grades.
1. Candidates who submits only one result which contains his/her relevant subjects already will be allotted 10 points. The exam could be NECO, WASSCE, November /December WASSCE etc, but any candidate who has two sittings only gets 2 points. So this means that candidates with only one result are at an advantage but only slightly.
2. O’ Level grades has it’s equivalent grade points as; A (A1) = 6 marks, B (B1, B2, B3) = 4 marks, C (C4, C5, C6) = 3 marks, so the better the candidates’ grades, the better his or her chances of securing admission this year.
3. UTME scores, where each score range has its equivalent point can be summarised thus, 180-200=20-23 marks, 200-250=24-33 points, 251-300=34-43, 300-400=44-60 points.
4. Each category would contain five JAMB results per point added. Eg. a candidate with 180-185 gets 20 points, while a candidate with 186-190 gets 21 points.
How To Calculate Admission Screening Scores:
Sittings: Assuming you have all your required O’level subjects in one sitting, you already have 10 marks.
O’Level: Let’s say you have 1A, 5Bs and 3Cs in your O’level result (WAEC/ NECO/ GCE), then you have, (1×6) + (5×4) + (3×3) = 35 Points.
JAMB Score: Then, say you scored 250 in JAMB UTME, you get 33 Points.
To get the total point, you sum everything together (i.e: Sittings + O’level + Jamb Score).
This implies that – 10 + 35 + 33 = 78 Points. If the cut-off mark for your course of choice in a particular school is below 70, then will be admitted into that institution.
(i) Catchment and educationally less-developed state would still be used for admission into the nation’s tertiary institutions.
(ii) Merit admission contains 45 per cent of the total candidates for a particular course, Catchment contains 35 per cent and Education Less Developed Areas (ELDs) and staff lists contains the rest.
(iii) Cut off marks will be released by the institutions in the form of points and not marks.
Every university except few have a similar way of calculating point system otherwise know as GPA or Grade Point Average
Its calculated thus;
assuming you're on a 5 point average offering 9 courses, and their credit load is given as below
mat 101 is 3cu and you scored 80% A
sta 101 is 2cu and you scored 70% A
bio 101 is 3 cu and you scored 87% A
bio 107 is 1cu and you scored 25% F
phy 101 is 3cu and you scored 56% C
phy 107 is 1cu and you scored 48% D
chm 101 is 3cu and you scored 67% B
chm 107 is 1cu and you scored 81% A
gst 101 is 2cu and you scored 90% A
The cu stands for credit unit
sum of the cu is 19

Note this grade evaluations
0-39 is F which is 0
40-45 is E which is 1
46-49 is D which is 2
50-59 is C which is 3
60-69 is B which is 4
70-100 is A which is 5

To calculate
mat 101 is 3cu A = 3x5=15
sta 101 is 2cu A = 2*5=10
bio 101 is 3 cu A = 3*5=15
bio 107 is 1cu F = 1*0=0
phy 101 is 3cu C = 3*3=9
phy 107 is 1cu D = 1*4=4
chm 101 is 3cu B = 3*4=12
chm 107 is 1cu A = 1*5=5
gst 101 is 2cu A. 5 = 2x5 = 10

The sum is 80
divide by the sum of cu i.e. 19
Therefore, 80/19= 4.21052632
This is the GPA for a 5 point system
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