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what is noun phrase?

what is noun phrase?

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Answers (2)

2 months ago
a word or group of words containing a
noun and functioning in a sentence as
subject, object, or prepositional object
2 months ago
It is a group of words that performs any of the functions of a noun in a sentence.A noun can combine with adjectives, adjective phrases and adjective clauses to form noun phrases, whichcan play all thesame roles in asentence as a noun:The pen that fell on the flooris mine.(subject)I don’t knowwhere to look for this topic inmy grammar book.(object)Mr. Crump isthe teacher of the class nextdoor.(complement)The teacher is reviewing forthe first fewweeks.(the object of apreposition)Remember thatyou can make a verb into a noun by adding-ing. This is called agerund.Noun phrases frequently involve gerunds:Text messaging while drivingisdangerous.I don’t recommendtaking English
1A until you have taken Writing 6
If a noun phrase has its own subject and verb, it becomes a noun clause:
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