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whats political idea?

whats political idea?

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Answers (2)

2 months ago
Ideology is the set of ideals you have of how things should be. Political ideas always come from ideology, but are simply more concrete. A political idea which is being carried out by a government or other organization is a policy.
Actual policy is often quite different from ideals and ideas. Because it has to live up to certain legal frameworks, and while people may share an ideal, they may also disagree on how to carry it out. This is why policy and political ideas are usually compromises of what you think will work in practice, as opposed to how you ideally would want it.
Ideology, also has the meaning of what is permissible in society, and the overall framework of a whole society and way of thinking, under which all other systems operate. It dominates the way people think and how to judge anything. But this is a critical definition which is usually a core of critical theory and socialist world view.
Nagora Yaro
2 months ago
Political philosophy, also known as
political theory, is the study of topics such
as politics, liberty, justice, property, rights,
law, and the enforcement of laws by
authority: what they are, if they are
needed, what makes a government
legitimate, what rights and freedoms it
should protect, what form it should take,
what the law is, and what duties citizens
owe to a legitimate government, if any,
and when it may be legitimately
overthrown, if ever.
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