please what is homologous series?

please what is homologous series?

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1 year ago
In Organic Chemistry, The term 'Homologous Series' refers to where compounds can differ by the length of their carbon chain. These differences can have an effect on the physical properties of the chemicals, such as boiling point.
eg: 1.) Ethane, Propane, Butane....;
2.) Methanoic Acid, Ethanoic Acid, Propanoic Acid....;
3.) Hexanone, Heptanone, Octanone.... .
The above examples containing series of chain of carbon atoms forming Alkanes, Carboxylic Acids and Ketones respectively differing by a single parameter (1 - CH2 unit or 14 amu) is called Homologous Series and those compounds are called Homologues of each other.
Bright chiemerie
1 year ago
Homologous series is a family of organic compounds which has the same structural pattern in which each successive member differ from each other with a -CH2 or with a molecular mass of 14g
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