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Is Esuong, Emmanuel Edet; Author of \"Mirage of Valiant\", a student in Crutech? If yes,...

Is Esuong, Emmanuel Edet; Author of \"Mirage of Valiant\", a student in Crutech? If yes, can somebody please post his biography?

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Answers (1)

4 years ago
Esuong, Emmanuel Edet also known as; Jen3le, is the author of an African literary collection titled: "The Gathering Storm". In October, 2014 his first literary book under "The Gathering Storm" collection; titled: "Mirage of Valiant" was published by WUSEN Publishers, Calabar. Mirage of Valiant is a down to earth Literature text in its moral lesson and vocabulary composition. They are many other texts written under The Gathering Storm which includes; Stranger in Blue blood, gods of the earth, Delayed and Denied Destiny, to mention but a few. Esuong Emmanuel is a creative Nigerian youth with a positive mind expressed in his texts. Here is what he says about himself; "I'm an individual with a difference who is set to create an impact in Africa within my reach with this difference. I plan to change, build and strike an effect on the lives of people positively in the literary world and other aspects".

Full name: Esuong, Emmanuel Edet

Date of birth: 24 December, 1994

Address: 92 Cal/Ikom High-way Awi-Akamkpa, Cross River, Nigeria.

Parents: Chief & Mrs Edet Esuong

Brothers: Asukwo-Smith Esuong, Bassey Esuong and Ekpo Esuong

Sisters: Princess Affiong Esuong and Ase Esuong

Nationality: Nigerian

State of origin: Cross River

L.G.A: Odukpani

Hometown: Ukwa Eburutu

Marital status: Single

Religion: Christianity

Primary Education: St. Theresa's Primary School, Awi-Akamkpa. 1999/2000 - 2003/2004

Secondary Education: Government Day Secondary School, Akamkpa. 2004/2005 - 2009

Treasure Child Comprehensive School, Awi-Akamkpa 2009/2010

Tertiary institution: Cross River University of Technology, Crutech-Calabar. Class of '2015.

Work employed: Teacher/Clerk at Divine Assurance Secondary School, Awi-Akamkpa.


Contact: Phone: +2347068578879,



Esuong Emmanuel is the fifth child out of six. He has three brothers, two elder brothers all graduates and a kid brother. He has just two sisters, all graduates. However, with extended family nembers the family is gigantic and most extended family members depend greatly on his parents.

Early life:

Esuong, Emmanuel was born into a noble family of Chief & Mrs Edet Esuong of Ukwa-Eburutu in Odukpani L.G.A of Cross River State, Nigeria; on a faithful Saturday, 24th December, 1994. Esuong Emmanuel was enrolled in ECCDE Awi. He later consistently followed his elder brother Bassey Esuong to St Theresa's Primary School and was then enrolled into primary1 age 5years. From his school Report cards, Esuong Emmanuel wasn't among the first ten most intelligent students in his class. Until his graduation from primary school in July, 2004, he never came 1st, 2nd or 3rd position in class. Except in primary5 second term where he came 3rd position in class and never attended this height even through Secondary School. However, he was good in cramming but couldn't read and write.


Esuong Emmanuel attended St. Theresa's Primary School, Awi-Akamkpa. 1999-2004. He was enrolled into Government Day Secondary School, Akamkpa in 2004. E. E. Esuong wasn't among the ten most brilliant students in his class even in his Secondary School. His ability to cram and associate with brilliant students sailed him far. However, he is credited with saying; "I never repeated a class". It will be more sincere to reveal that Esuong, Emmanuel began reading well in his SS1, but writing dictation was difficult. He has said it severely while addressing his students that he started reading using a little pucket Bible of the New testament. It has been difficult to believe that he started reading in SS1 because even his friends are surprised by his testimony. While others doubt because his father was a Director in the State Ministry of Education and he grew up in a bookish home. In SS2 Esuong Emmanuel began writing some familiar short moon light stories which his friends read and did corrections. It was from that act that he was able to write well. Later he fell in love with writing and started his fictions stories. He actually turned his weakness into strength. He changed school from Government Day to Treasure Child School because of National Examination Council (NECO) Exam which Government Day Secondary School didn't register for. He obtained his SSCE in 2010 at Treasure Child School, Awi.

E. E. Esuong was admitted into Cross River University of Technology in 2011. It is learnt that during the University aptitude test (post UTME exam), his name was reportedly missing. He was bold enough to locate the Vice Chancellor's office, but it was a Saturday. However, he was given an answer sheet by Dr Etiowo at Exams and records. Which he was required to fill his data. He later reported back at the exam venue 20 minutes to stop. However, he was among the first three candidates who submitted. Esuong, Emmanuel Edet's University education story is different from his Primary and Secondary school stories. He no longer depend on his associates in school but many associate with him to sail through. He is a 300Level student of Biological Science and a bright student in his class.


Esuong Emmanuel is a Christian, a member of Presbyterian Church of Nigeria.

Work history:

Esuong Emmanuel was employed as a Clerk/Teacher in Divide Assurance Secondary School, September, 2010. The school wasn't well populated at that time, following the State government new policy on accreditation of private schools. He was a very active staff of the school despite being the youngest, he was esteemed high. He thought English, Literature and Integrated science as his major subjects. However, he thought many other subjects due to lapses he observed. He was the school representative at National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools (NAPPS) meetings. It is learnt that some of his literary work where written at this time.

Social life:

Esuong Emmanuel today is seen as a role model to younger generation and even to his mates. This status actually is a product of determination and hard work. He is a good inspiration and motivational speaker and mentor in diverse academic endeavours. He occupied the office of President, National Association of Ukwa Eburutu Students (NAUES) World Wide 2015/2016. He is described by many as a quiet person. However, he doesn't talk unnecessarily. He is a Warrant Officer of the Boys Brigade Nigeria.


Esuong, E. E. "My bibliography, the journey so far" 2014 unpublished.

"Students Report Sheets Bank" St. Theresa's Primary School, Awi-Akamkpa.

"Staff scheduled file" Divine Assurance School, Awi-Akamkpa.

Emmco Esuong, Facebook profile.

"The gathering storm" Wusen publishers.
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