Please the gurus in the house, how do I deal with the problems I'm having...

Please the gurus in the house, how do I deal with the problems I'm having with chemistry calculations. I improve my ability in Chemistry?

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1 month ago
Get calculations in chemistry written by Charles A Asemota
His approach is easy to comprehend I think to even the dullest of the dull
  • godlike: I have calculations in chemistry though not actually by the author you gave, I will look for the one you said. Thanks
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1 month ago
Get a Chemistry textbook like "essential chemistry" or "new school" chemistry, then read through it and practice the examples and exercises
  • godlike: I have new school chemistry. It is good for answering questions which requires colour and reaction of compounds but not good in teaching calculations.
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  • Winners: I recommend understanding chemistry textbook by Godwin ojukuku its really helpful and,also convince yourself that you can learn it,don't see it as difficult, u know our brain accepts what we believe, once u set ur mind that its simple to learn It will become really simple for you
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Below we'll explore proven strategies and techniques that will, if applied, improve your ability to study and learn chemistry.
1 Review and Study Material
Before Going to Class. ...
2 Seek Understanding. ...
3 Take Good Notes. ...
4 Practice Daily. ...
5 Take Advantage of Lab Time. ...
6 Use Flashcards. ...
7 Use Study Groups. ...
8 Break Large Tasks Into Smaller
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