What is the cot off mark for jamb for medical science students?

What is the cot off mark for jamb for medical science students?

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The jamb cut off mark for medicine and surgery in Nigeria is usually set high due to the competitive nature of the course. Top rested Universities such as the University of Ibadan, University of Lagos, Obafemi Awolowo University and universities of similar stature in the Nigerian University set up usually set their general cut off mark as 200, meaning that if your JAMB score is less than 200 then you will not even be allowed to register for the Post Utme not to talk of gaining admission to study a competitive course like Medicine and Surgery.

Some other universities such as Ahmadu Bello University usually combine both their JAMB and POST JAMB score to arrive at an overall score. This means that even if you get a lowly 180 in Jamb but during the Post Utme, you are able to achieve a much higher score say 350, the admission process will be done based on the average overall score. What this means is that even if you score 180 in JAMB, you can still be admitted to study Medicine and Surgery at a University like ABU. You should however not forget that all this is also based on the state you are coming from, as the issue of catchment area comes into play. To be honest, Universities that work out their admission process based on Post Utme scores usually set very high cut off marks for both JAMB Score and Post Utme score. Universities such as the University of Ilorin, University of Ibadan and the likes are examples of universities that work based on the Jamb and Post Utme Score.

So, jamb cut off MARK for Medicine and Surgery in such Universities is usually high. Most of such universities usually set their jamb cut off mark for medicine and surgery as high as 250 and at least a score of 70 percent in the post UTME exercise. The implication of this is that on my best get in to study the course as it is very competitive. Now, if you know your Jamb score is not high enough but you manage to meet up with the minimum mark to be eligible for post UTME then it is my advise that you prepare very well for the Post Utme exercise if your university of choice works considers people for admission based on both Jamb score and post UTME score. But if your university of choice does not factor in the post UTME score in the admission process and your Jamb score is not high enough then a change, of course, is the best option you have so you can still secure admission into the University that year. JAMB Cut off Mark for Medicine and Surgery for most of the schools are high and even those of them that make use of the Post Utme score are also set super high cut off marks for medicine and surgery. For example, Universities such as UNILORIN normally set their Post Jamb Cut off Mark as fifty (50) percent, which means that for you to get admission into the university to study any course at all, you must have gotten at least 50 % in the examination.

So, for those who wish to study medicine and surgery, the bar is set even higher. So for highly competitive courses such as Medicine and Surgery, you have to achieve a post jamb score of about 70 percent in order to give yourself a very high chance of securing admission. For Universities that carry out their admission screening on the basis of average score of both your Jamb and post-UTME scores, then a low score in Jamb does not mean your dream course, Medicine and Surgery cannot still be achieved. So far you are able to meet the general Jamb cut off Mark for medicine and surgery, then it is still possible you gain admission.

You will, however, be required to start preparing early for the post-UTME exercise to boost your chances of scoring really high marks. If you are able to do this then you stand a very good chance of making it in. On the other hand, if your score in Jamb is high and your post-UTME score is low, this may hamper your chances of securing admission to study medicine and surgery in the university you have applied to. For example, if you had a Jamb Score of 360 and your Post jamb score was 210, then on the average, that means you have 285, which is still ideal for studying a course such as Medicine and Surgery but if your average score were to be something like 220 then you are most likely not going to gain admission to study medicine and surgery. So in essence, what JAMB does is that it sets a general cut off mark for Universities which they work with to come up with their own cut off mark for the various courses in the university. So based in jamb general cutoff mark, it is safe to say the Jamb cutoff mark for medicine and surgery is 180 but you have to score well above that to stand a chance. This is because universities must not set a cut off mark that is lower than that set by JAMB but they can go higher. So, the course of study then becomes a factor to be considered when these cutoffs are set by the universities. Some set their Medicine and surgery cut off mark directly from the Jamb Score and Post Jamb score while Some do not really care about your jamb Score so far it is equal to or above the minimum requirement of 180.

Reason for JAMB
JAMB over the years usually sets a general cut off mark for all universities in Nigeria. The current minimum cut off mark is 180. However, each University reserves the right to set their own cut off mark which may be higher than the Jamb cutoff mark of 180 but no lower. This indicates that the 180 JAMB set as the cut off mark is the minimum mark that Universities must work with. Now, depending on the standard of the university and the course of study, the cutoff mark can go way higher. In the case of Medicine and Surgery, most of the Nigerian universities usually set a high score / JAMB cutoff mark for Medicine and Surgery in particular for those who wish to study the course. This means that you must prepare for Jamb very well and aim to score as high as possible.
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Its depends on school, but for you stand a better chance you would need to score a minimum of 200 - 230 and above.
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