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Name and size of the smallest cell?

Name and size of the smallest cell?

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Answers (2)

3 months ago
According to some scientists, granule cells of cerebellum is the smallest cell, which measures about 4 to 4.5 micrometer. And, it looks like this
And, RBCs (Red Blood Cells) are also very small, having a disk with a
diameter of approximately 6.2–8.2 µm and a thickness at the thickest point of 2–2.5 µm . RBCs look like this

However, most scientists agree to a point that, Human man-fluid cells are the smallest cells in terms of volume. man-fluid Cells head measures 5.1 µm in length and 3.1 µm in width and the tail measures 50 µm .
3 months ago
The smallest cell is mycoplasma. Its
diameter is 0.0001 mm. Mycoplasma
gallisepticum is a bacterium belonging
to the class Mollicutes and the family
Mycoplasmataceae. The smallest cell in
human body is man-fluid cell.
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