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What is bryophyta?

What is bryophyta?

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Answers (4)

4 weeks ago
Bryophytes are seedless plants without specialized water-conducting tissues. Bryophytes include mosses (phylum Bryophyta), liverworts (phylum Marchantiophyta Hepatophyta), and hornworts (phylum Anthocerophyta). ... The leafy liverworts and the mosses differ in the appearance of their spore-forming structures.
4 weeks ago
Bryophyta is one of the division of the kingdom plantae,plants under this division are called bryophytes. Bryophytes do not have any system for conducting food and water from one part of the plant to another.Bryophytes are found in damp(moist) places like damp walls,rock surfaces and trees.examples are mosses and liverworts.some characteristics include:
they are multicellular organisms
they have root like structures called rihzone,they also have stem like and leaf like structures
4 weeks ago
a division of small flowerless green
plants which comprises the mosses and
liverworts. They lack true roots and
reproduce by spores released from a
stalked capsule.
mizta smart
4 weeks ago
Bryophytes are an informal group
consisting of three divisions of non-
vascular land plants: the liverworts,
hornworts and mosses. They are
characteristically limited in size and
prefer moist habitats although they can
survive in drier...
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