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Please o someone should help me Convert 4500mAh to time in hours to know how...

Please o someone should help me Convert 4500mAh to time in hours to know how long it can last me ...?

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Answers (9)

1 month ago
An ampere hour or amp hour is a unit of electric charge, having dimensions of electric current multiplied by time, equal to the charge transferred by a steady current of 1ampere flowing for one hour.

So for your power bank to be 4500mAH. it means it a capacity of 4500mA or 4.5A in one hour.

Meaning that theoretically, it would charge a phone at 1A for 4.5hrs. After that it would be empty.

Inorder words, your powerbank can only last for approximately 4.5hrs. before it's drained.

but in reality, it could be less, due to energy lost as heat and all that stuff.

There is no power bank alive that can last for 48hrs. abeg
so far it is. charging a good phone. it can't last that long.
1 month ago
For 4,500 mAh generally means you can expect to get 100 mA for about 45 hours usage, or 10 mA for 450 hours, or 1 mA for 4,500 hours.
So it can last for about 48 hour or more depending in the type of battery.
Litium battery lasts longer than lion batter.
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