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What is bounded warehouse What is document?

What is bounded warehouse
What is document?

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Answers (2)

1 month ago
A bonded warehouse, or bond, is a
building or other secured area in which
dutiable goods may be stored,
manipulated, or undergo
manufacturing operations without
payment of duty. ... Upon entry of goods
into the warehouse, the importer and
warehouse proprietor incur liability
under a bond.
1 month ago
●A bonded warehouse is a special warehouse where imported products gets shipped in without paying any import duties and taxes.
The products are still considered not arrived in that country yet.Only when the products are shipped out for domestic consumption, duties and taxeswill other apply. If the products are later shipped for export, then no taxes will apply.
Bonded warehouse can be in Bonded Logistics Park, Free Trade Zone, or they can also be located in a normal industrial park, and obtain bonded status from the government (depends on local customs regulations).
●document means Something tangible that records communication or facts with the help of marks, words, or symbols.
A document serves to establish one or several facts, and can be relied upon as a proof there of.
Generally speaking,documents function as evidence of intentions, where as records function as evidence of activities.
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