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Between the following compounds, which of dem exists as dipolar ions in a solution Alkanoic...

Between the following compounds, which of dem exists as dipolar ions in a solution
Alkanoic acid
Amino acid
Dialkanoic acid
Fatty acid..?

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Answers (3)

2 months ago
correct answer is- amino acid.

The COOH group exists as an anion. And the NH2 group exists as a cation. This dipolar ion has a special name “Zwitter ions'. In aqueous solution, alpha amino acids exist in equilibrium between a cationic form, an anionic form and dipolar ion.
2 months ago
The answer is Amino acids.

In organic chemistry, a dipolar compound or simply dipole is an electrically neutral molecule carrying a positive and a negative charge

Amino acids as dipolar ions. ... At a neutral pH, the amino acid will exist as a neutral zwitterion or dipolar ion, holding a positive charge on its amino group (NH3+) and a negative charge on its carboxyl group (COO-).
Therefore it's the answer.

Alkanoic acids can only bear on charge at a time, and that's from the carboxyl group.

Fatty acids have charge only from the carboxyl group at the end, the rest is non polar.

dialkanoic acids have double of one charge but not one of each. so it still isnt the answer.
2 months ago
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