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list and explain the favourable condition for siting a settlement?

list and explain the favourable condition for siting a settlement?

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Answers (2)

2 months ago
The favorable condition for sitting settlement are:
1) adequate water supply: There must be adequate and dependable water supply for human use.
2)fertile soil: The soil must be fertile to promote agricultural activities.
3)land for building: Such land must be lowland and well drained for easy erection of buildings.
4)Good communication network: The presence of good roads, railway, airport etc. May promote easy settlement of people in a place
5) Defence: The area should be well protected against invading enemies.
2 months ago
favourable factors that influence the location/setting of a settlement include;
1.Water supply – settlements need water, they often locate on wet point sites for this. Settlements built away from rivers and water supplies to avoid flooding are located at dry point sites.
2.Defence – building on high ground allowed people the chance to look out for enemies (e.g. Edinburgh castle) while surrounding a settlement with water also helped with deed defence e.g. Durham is built inside a meander.
3.Aspect and shelter – In the northern hemisphere south facing slopes receive more sunlight and are protected from cold Northerly winds. More settlements and agricultural land is therefore located on South facing slopes.
●The economic factors include;
1.Communications – settlements often located next to rivers that could be easily crossed. These are called bridging points. Other favourable places included where at the junctions of valleys or in
2.gaps through hills. These locations allowed maximum communication between different settlements and increased trade. E.g. Newcastle is built on the Tyne at a bridging point and could benefit with trade from the North and the South.
3.Resources - Early settlers relied upon wood for fuel and building. A site close to woodland was there fore an advantage. Later, resources such as Iron ore, coal and bauxite encouraged the growth of settlements.
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