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A father decided to give 20% of his monthly income to his three children as...

A father decided to give 20% of his monthly income to his three children as their monthly allowance. the eldest child got 45% of the allowance and the youngest got much was the fathers monthly income if the second child got#3000?

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Answers (4)

2 months ago
Let the father's money equals=y
20% of y equals=x
Eldest child got 45% of x
Youngest got 25% of x
Therefore middle will get 100%-(45+25)=100-70=30%
But the middle child got 30% of x=#3000
Therefore 3000=30/100 *x
Making x the subject of the formulae, x =3000*100/30 =1000
Therefore x=#10000
Recall that 20% of y equals=x
Therefore 20% of y equals=#10000
Solving for y:
Making y the subject of the formula
Y =10000*100/20
Y =100000/20
Therefore y equals #50000
Which is the father's income
2 months ago
  • Zairick: your anwser is 50000
    Like 0    Dislike 0   2 months ago
  • Zairick: let father income = x
    second son percentage = 100 - (45 + 25) =30%
    and second son share = 3000
    then let total sons share = y
    30/100 * y = 3000
    then y = 10000
    father income =
    20/100 * x = 10000
    then father income = 50000.
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