write an essay that will end with "if i know it would end so disastrously,i...

write an essay that will end with "if i know it would end so disastrously,i would not have join them"?

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1 year ago
Many years ago, in the village named Akpabio. There lived a boy named Okon.
Okon was from a rich family, his father was popularly called "money man". Okon had sisters but no brother, that means he was the only male child of his parent.
When Okon was 16 years old, he was in a famous secondary school in the town.
His parent provided him, whatever he needed, even if he was not brilliant that much.
His parent told him to keep good companys and never to join bad gangs. He nodded his head always in response to their advice.
When Okon was approaching 18, his father died in a road accident, then at 18, his mother died in a road accident too.
Now Okon was the head of family, he took it upon himself to make sure he feed the family.
By this time Okon was incharge of his father's wealth.
When Okon was about to finish his secondary level in school, he was about to write his WAEC. His classmates teamed up to beat up a class teacher. Okon fully aware of his parent advice to him before they died consented to the plot.
1 year ago

After they had beaten the teacher, claiming that the teacher had flogged them in school.
The teacher reported their action to the Principal. When the principal was notified, he got angry.
When the whole school were assembled, the teacher fetch out only one student and this "escape goat" was Okon. The teacher said that Okon was the only student he could remember while they were beating him.
Okon was then given a beating of his life, he was wounded in many parts which almost took his life, as for the others they travelled out of that town the day they had beaten the teacher.
Okon was taken the hospital by his sisters, when he recovered, he said to his sisters " if I know it would end so disastrously, I would not have joined them."

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