What Will You Remember 2016 For? Share Your Experiences With us

What Will You Remember 2016 For? Share Your Experiences With us

Hello Myschoolers, the year 2016 will soon wind up. Many things have happened on 2016. We all must have had our moments. Those moments that we will likely not forget in a hurry.

If I may ask, what will you remember 2016 for? What prominent achievement/progress did you make in 2016? How did 2016 really change your life positively? What were your unforgettable moments in 2016?

For me.....
1. Glory be to God, I passed my O'level exam after three (3) attempts.
2. I got admission into the university this year.
3. I won the most reliable member in my computer tutorial.

Oh!!! 2016 was a great year to me.

Use the comment box to share your unforgettable moments in 2016.

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glory be to God,i got an admission into the university this year.
1 year ago
1. I gained admission after 2 years of attempt-ment , bt 2016 proved to be different.

2. I av never hang out with fair nd beautiful girls before, bt 2016 proved to be different.

3. A choir member forming girl in our church congratulate me, after 2 yrs of is either u grt me first or I greet u, bt 2016 admission make us become padi.....

1 year ago
firstly God granted me admission, and secondly all brouhaha and tension that follow this year admission process starting from jamb exam, the way fake scores were awarded, the wrong policies from the minster of education and his cabal from nuc with help of the former registar of jamb who wanted to hijack the admission process from respective school senate but in all God did it and he will still do it for those that have trust in him and are still believing that admission of this year will not pass them by
1 year ago
I gained admission into the UNIVERSITY 2weeks later I won a VERY BIG plasma TV in a RAFLE-DRAW

2016 a year to remember
1 year ago
I will always remember 2016 for the jamb 40 marks saga
1 year ago
Firstly thank god the major thins that i can remember in 2016 i score the national cutt of mark of jamb after three year attemt to gather with gained admissin in to umaru musa yar'adua university katsina (umyuk).
1 year ago
God showed me my destiny in 2016.I am going to live it from 2017 and beyond.
1 year ago
rsust didn't give me admission @2016
1 year ago
a year I gain admission

also a year I got #1million plus in my bank acct wey no be asset
1. finished NYSC successfully

2. I wedded

3. I got a new job that less than 3 month salary can pay my rent pa

4. I relocated from single room to two bed room flat
1 year ago
I finally get to study the course of my choice (Chem engr) after six disillusioned years.

My Mum survived a hard fought battle over appendix.

I transformed from being a boy to a man.

I abstained from sex for one whole year.

Finally, I won over 200k in bet9ja with #100 0nly.
1 year ago
1 year ago
2016 is kind of a rough year fr me all my plans ddnt wok out as I thought starting from admission stuff nd a lot of stuff like dat am sure 2017 is my year of success
1 year ago
I got admitted into the university.... The year I did a marathon fasting.... 2016
1 year ago
I will always remember 2016 because i gain Admission.. (2) the year i gave my life to Christ and i receive holy spirit.

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