UNILORIN Student Breaks an Age Long Record as He Graduates with a 4.52 CGPA

A 24 Year old University of Ilorin graduate has set a record as the "First Student to graduate with a First Class degree" in the Department of Science Education. The student identified as AZEEZ, Ahmad Tijani, graduated with a C.G.P.A of 4.52 to become the first graduate to achieve that in the institution since 1981.

Prior to now, Chemistry Education which is a unit in the department of Science Education at University of Ilorin, has never had a First Class Graduate. Congratulations to Master AZEEZ, Ahmad Tijani for breaking an age long record.

UNILORIN Student Breaks an Age Long Record as He Graduates with a 4.52 CGPA


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7 months ago
This is amazing.I will surely join in the competition this year and nothing will stop me unlike last year's.The idea of writing mathematics is good and we can write as many times as possible to have more point.

This is favouravle because not everyone is writing mathematics in jamb and the idea of writing mathematics favours the science students the most in the competition (I am an art student and not good in mathematics) Myschool app is the best,you guys got a good idea about this competition.

My candid advise is for students to practice more and more in the competition to get more points.To win a competition,you have to try harder and harder as many times as possible.

Let the competition begin now.

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