UNILORIN Post-UTME Screening Experience 2017 - Share Yours Here

UNILORIN Post-UTME Screening Experience 2017 - Share Yours Here

The admission screening exercise of the University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) for 2017/2018 admission into its undergraduate programmes commenced yesterday.

This thread is for the aspirants of the institution who applied have participated in the screening exercise to share their experiences.

If you are among those scheduled for the screening today, do let us know how it went.

Was the screening exercise in form of a computer based test (CBT)?

Go ahead and share your experiences using the comment box.

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4 months ago
4 months ago
4 months ago
4 months ago

leave home early so as to get transport to the school

even if you are scheduled for 12

there is no crime in writing your exams earlier. Time was not really followed just your date so get smart
4 months ago
well the exam was okay

English 40

maths 5

current affairs 5.

but the problem there is ur dress code.

dress decently
4 months ago
What Of Physics And Chemistry?
Harbiodun haryomidey
4 months ago
Pls I have not see any email oooo
4 months ago
The test is not that difficult, the dress code was taken seriously. Some girls had to pay 100 to get extra clothes to cover their shapes.
4 months ago
Today's results are out.. . I just checked mine
4 months ago
please what are the things they requested apart from the registration form.
4 months ago
pls hlp tew check asap info-76692304ID. Olatunji
4 months ago
[9/12, 8:20 PM] yusfulness: English 40

math 5

general paper 5

total= 50question

[9/12, 8:20 PM] yusfulness: my 5 question frm general paper

[9/12, 8:20 PM] yusfulness: 1. the longest river in africa is? ans River nile in egypt

[9/12, 8:20 PM] yusfulness: 2.who is the first sultan of sokoto? ans usman dan fodio

[9/12, 8:20 PM] yusfulness: 3.northern and southern protectorate was amalgamated in what year? ans 1914

[9/12, 8:20 PM] yusfulness: 4. what is the capital of USA? ans washington DC

[9/12, 8:20 PM] yusfulness: 5. which of this country has highest economy as at 2016

a. Nigeria

b. kenya

c. south africa

d. egypt

the ans is either nigeria or south africa, am nt dat sure of dis

[9/12, 8:20 PM] yusfulness: 5 question frm math

3 question frm mean, mode and range


5. which of dis is not a perfect square


b. 181

c. 225

d. 441
4 months ago
y isnt anyone mentioning their scores....or it hasnt been posted???
4 months ago
Its awesome. But some did theirs yesterday and was still unable to check theirs
4 months ago
pls did past question came out and did dey provide calculator

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