"Students Are Now to Pay for Diagnosis", Auchi Poly Student Cries Out

A student of Federal Polytechnic, Auchi, decided to share her experience on how she was denied the privilege to get medical care in the school's sick bay. She feels the institution has been faced with so much harm due to the absence of the SUG body. She is pleading with the Government to come to their rescue.

Below is the letter she wrote;


12th February, 2018.

Auchi Polytechnic, the institution which started tickling my fancy right from my secondary school days as far back as 2010 due to the good news and laudable achievements I was hearing about the institution is dawning on me as a total mirage as everything appears to be falling apart by the day.

It sounds very incredible and unimaginable to note that a federal academic institution can not even offer students first aid treatments during emergency situations. This is not the Auchi polytechnic I used to know during my National Diploma(ND) days. What is actually happening? Is it now a private school? Why are students now being denied medical attention at the school's Clinic by the clinic nurses and doctors?

I was rushed there last week Friday for treatment, only to be told to go to another hospital outside and that the Rector has directed that students should not be attended to except those who are ready to pay for diagnosis and prescription cost of #1,500 before the student can now go elsewhere to buy the drugs. Is this how to provide welfare, especially medicare for students? Is this how it has been?

My lodge mates are bitterly complaining about this total wickedness and insensitivity to the plight of innocent students. 

Another female student of Business Administration department who was stung by a scorpion and was immediately rushed to the polytechnic clinic was chased away even though she was writhing in pains. She was outrightly told in my presence that management has given an order that student should learn to seek medicare elsewhere as the clinic is not for students.

Poor Rita cried profusely in frustration before I was able to take her to MG hospital opposite poly gate, sabo for treatment.

The information we are getting is that the Rector is punishing students because we don't have Student Union Government(SUG), who would have been our voice in times like this. He did that deliberately by ensuring that he prevented the students from conducting the SUG election, which equally gave birth to a serious crisis where soldiers and vigilantes were flogging us in campus one like animals. Why is this man so wicked to students?

I want every Auchi poly student to themselves as one as an injury to one is an injury to all. Let us all rise up to the health centre to ask questions whether we are animals or students being headed by animals.

It is either we are being beaten up by vigilantee or we are being denied our rights to medicare and franchise to contest or vote in SUG election.

Our lecturers who are supposed to be our confidants and mentors in school are also complaining bitterly that the Rector is wicked, crude, unforgiven, a blackmailer and real juju man.

No wonder everything in the school is going backwards. The students hostel is practically empty, market women and bike men are complaining bitterly.

I could remember also that during my ND days and up till last year, medical fee per student was #500 but this money conscious and corrupt Rector just came and increased it to #2,000 without consulting students either through SWAC or any students representative. This was after this greedy corrupt man called SM Jimah had eaten our identity card money last session and later expelled the speaker, president and Sec. Gen because they were challenging him.

Why is this Jimah always having issues with students and staff? I think he is a complete village man who is not exposed or even know how to manage the school.

Parents should please always send good money to their children because we are not being provided medicare in Auchi polytechnic again. Wonders shall never end at all.

The question I have been asking is that, how did this man win his election to be rector when he knows nothing but very wicked to students?

I have never heard where the head of the legislative arm of government is also the head of the executive arm of same government. This is the happening in Auchi polytechnic because Jimah appointed the senate president who is the head of the legislative arm as the acting president just to use him like his 12-13 spanner against the students, so that he can be increasing school fees and others without any hitch. How long shall we continue to suffer under this wicked man?

President Muhammadu Buhari, please save us!
Our parents! Please help us!
Fellow Nigerian students, rise up and let us visit the school clinic together to ask questions since we have no SUG or leader. Anything can happen anytime and we can't access medicare in a federal school, all because one wicked man is Rector. 

Egbele Sandra
ND11 Hospitality.

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