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More 2018 JAMB Results to be released 19th March

JAMB has promised to release more of the 2018 UTME results on 19th March. This was confirmed by The Head of Media of the Board, Dr Fabian Benjamin on Saturday.

This statement is coming as JAMB concludes the 2018 UTME. Dr Fabian also said that the results were being scrutinized, to ensure that result are transparent and accurate, in order to avoid cancellation once released.

More 2018 JAMB Results to be released 19th March

2018 Candidates are therefore advised to patiently wait, and can check back here on Myschool for any procedures, sharing of results and guidance on how to ultimately gain admission this year.

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Comments (125)

1 year ago
We will hold them by their words,I pray you and I will be among those that wil see their result on monday nd with high score too.
1 year ago
Everything in this country is in shambles and the Educational sector isn't left out. Who gives an Exam on CBT and takes more than a week to release results? what then is the essence of it when actually an accurate marking and speed are actually some of the advantages of a CBT..

I know some persons would talk about checking ctv and others, but as far as I'm concerned, that's totally absurd. Workers should be made to go through every ctv while others focus on ensuring results are being compiled (Division of Labour) Yes we paid for the exam so they should had made everything humanly possible to make sure candidates gets their results at most 48hours. What happened to connecting all ctv footage directly to Abuja so those employed to watch it could see it live to ensure everything is being done speedily?... Back in 2013 when Jamb uses pen and paper, it takes just a week, now with CBT, some persons that wrote on Saturday are yet to get their results. so what are we really doing right in this country? ... Last year, after deep research I found out some candidates exam answers were actually marked using the wrong softwares and no one noticed. some persons noticed but were Afraid to speak up. I just hope such wouldn't repeat itself this year. THIS JAMB BOSS IS INCOMPETENT!
  • BeeSam: Good Write up bro..
    You really spoken well..
    ..They aren't really sactioned atall..

    ..May God help us in this Country..
    Like 1    Dislike 0   1 year ago
  • sms4great: I reserve my comment
    Like 0    Dislike 0   1 year ago
  • Omotola: You're just ranting unnecessarily. It's not like you're making use of the results anytime soon. Nigerians lack patience!
    Like 6    Dislike 5   1 year ago
  • Donariok: #Omotola... as expected, the standard of reasoning of the average Nigerians. So because we wouldn't be using the results anytime soon justifies the unnecessary delay? MY GENERATION!!!!
    Like 7    Dislike 1   1 year ago
  • Omotola: For the Saturday candidates, the exam is just a week old. Before the examination started, the public was notified that the results will not be released for a reason, and now they have notified the public that they will be released tomorrow; so why the unnecessary ranting???

    I read about series of malpractice discovered in various centres, isn't that enough reason to thoroughly scrutinize the results before releasing?

    Keep ranting!
    Like 2    Dislike 0   1 year ago
  • Eziaha: I havnt seen mine since 10th I wrote!! God pls help usooo!!
    Like 0    Dislike 0   1 year ago
  • Henry G Tatoro: pls. asure me that i will see my result i wrote since 12th march 2018
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1 year ago
God please help us
Amstrong knight
1 year ago
if this people no release this results eh.........lets just hold them by their words shaa 'cause I'm tired of waiting for results oh
mallan yaks
1 year ago
5th to comment sha
1 year ago
Better. Make una released am on time oo..

Lord Jesus, i look you unto you for High score oo
1 year ago
Amen o I will be among that will see their result on monday
1 year ago
add me to fouye what's app group
1 year ago
I seriously like the self reliance of most candidates in this year's exam. There wasn't high record of malpractice. There was none at all in the centre i took my own exam. God bless us and sir. Fabian as he keep working hard to make Nigeria produce honest citizens.
1 year ago
all of us in this platform will make our result from 200above IJN.. if u claim it say amen!!
1 year ago
I don't know y Nigeria never appoint work on merit.
this man (Fabian) is incomtpetent and can't do this work accurately, still allowed to handle this. we all know that with a competent person, the result could have been out by now
We pray that our result should not be tempered with
  • lanskeed: D mistake jamb made was starting d release of results den stopping.Dis is causing apprehensn. if dey hv stucked to d ealier plan of releasing all results after d exams.candidates will understand.About competence,u need to understand d enormity of work to be done watching 2hrs each of 3 daily sets in over 600 centers spanning 8 days- dis with limited no. of staff.And wen u consider d fact dat in dis country d more d 'catcher' tries to catch,d more d 'thief' get more ingenous and makes things more difficult.pls a little more patience.all will be well.
    Like 0    Dislike 0   1 year ago
  • kabiru sani Dk.: Please the jamb Registra and co. are trying jor...stop putting all blames on them jaweh!
    Like 0    Dislike 0   1 year ago
1 year ago
Dis one weak me
1 year ago
My result will be out 2morrow with high scores by the grace of GOD + yours too. amen
1 year ago
jamb is really causing commotion in Nigeria
all is well that ends well
high score must locate me IJN AMEN
1 year ago
nawa for this people... y na go fear people with na stupid jamb upgrade, this scammer people na no dey pity u shall won make people cry by deceiving people is very bad... do u know pain it is to get money and what we face in times of studies.. may God descend his wrath on dose dar ha deceiving soul with their stupid upgrade.. my people don't fall into their hand oh just believing in ur God.

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