List your JAMB CBT training centre on Myschool for Free publicity - CBT Software Agents

You can now List your JAMB CBT training centre on Myschool for Free publicity. We're pleased to inform the Myschool JAMB CBT Software & Mobile Agents, that we will be providing free publicity for their training centres. Only agents who are currently on any Silver or Gold Package will be listed at no extra cost at all.

We have published a list of CBT training centres in Nigeria, where students and prospective JAMB Candidates can visit to train themselves or practise for the coming JAMB CBT Exam, or even purchase software, apps or both.

We (Myschool) will refer students to visit your centre or contact you for Live training, practise, or to purchase their own copy of the JAMB CBT software or app.

To qualify to be listed, you will only need to be an Agent, and get any Silver or Gold Package. You will also need to enter your customization details, and enable your own customization. This will automatically list you in your respective states. If you have multiple centres in multiple states, then you can get multiple packages to be listed appropriately.

Only paid & active Myschool JAMB CBT Software or Mobile Agents on Silver or Gold Packages are qualified to be listed for free, at no extra cost.

To become a Myschool JAMB CBT Software Agents and get a free listing, as well as make money as one, simply purchase a package by Clicking Here.

For existing JAMB CBT Software Agents, follow these steps to get listed for free;

1. Login to the Myschool Website Dashboard, with your profile.
2. Visit the Software or App Customization Page by clicking here
3. If you already purchased a Silver or Gold Package, you will see a list of your Customization Profiles. Click on "Edit Customization"
4. Fill in all the required information, and don't forget to select "Enable the above Settings Immediately".
5. That's it. You're listed!

Please note, only 1 centre can be listed on one customization profile. If you have multiple centres, please use other another customization profile to list then. If you don't have another agent code, please purchase another package.

After updating your profile as indicated above, please check this list of CBT training centres, scroll down and select your state to find your centre details. You should immediately appear for students to either contact you or visit your centre for training or practise. The list is displayed on a first come, first listed basis so ensure you enroll now.

The Myschool Team.

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Comments (15)

3 years ago
@My school ... this your CBT app behaves funny at times ...while one is using it ..sometimes the questions disappear.. sometimes the options... can u help fix that? thanks.
3 years ago
anyone who as reqister in kwara state....should siqnify
3 years ago
Hmmmmmm..I was ask as an active member to subscribe to 1k..
3 years ago
River state
3 years ago
pls has any one register in kogi state....ajaokuta or okene pricisely?
3 years ago
My School,

I have a vital question to ask .

I have a brother who happens to be a commercial student, he doesn't have economics in his o'level results.

pls which course can he apply for in

1 university

2 polytechnic

3 college of education.

I will be glad to have a promising response.
  • josiah11500: he can go to all you listed above provided that his intended course doesn't contain economics, you can take a look in the myschool brochure for your suited likes.
    Like 0    Dislike 0   3 years ago
3 years ago
Is my pleasure to see myself here.

Please this is how my result D7 for english,C.R.K and animal husbandry.but raist b and c,and my dream course is sociology.

Please myschool i need your advice.
3 years ago
I was posted to Abeokuta for my jamb examination. can someone pls help me with the centres there so I can no which one am to go to
3 years ago
please any funaab aspirant should signify.
3 months ago
please i need help i am planning to go for nursing school exams i need a tutor that can put me true and get me ready for the exams i wish to enter ones

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