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JAMB 2018 UTME Experience For March 13th - Share Here

For candidates who parctipated in the ongoing 2018 JAMB UTME today March 13th, 2018, this is your thread.

We would like you to share your experiences concerning the conduct of the examination today. Let us know how it all went down.

JAMB 2018 UTME Experience For March 13th - Share Here

- Did you come across most of the questions shared here by those that wrote the exam previously? 
- what's do you think about the onscreen calculator? (for those that used it). 
-Was there any technical issue you personally encountered during the examination and how was it resolved? 
- What are the things you think are out of place or commendable in this year’s UTME?

Share all of your experiences on the comment box. Remember to keep it as vivid as possible.

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Comments (39)

9 months ago
Government most questions are past questions... IRS Good luck
usman abubakar
9 months ago
For science student past question is not guaranteed because jamb totally change the pattern of setting question easy but unexpected and confusing
9 months ago
the exam was awesome..hoping for an excellent result
9 months ago
I wrote today at ACE INT'L TRAINING CENTRE,IRIEBE,RIVERS STATE. The centre was cool but we started late for nine o'clock candidates. The was awesome, THANKS TO GOD!
9 months ago
The exam was awesome
9 months ago
Please those of you that wrote economics how is it
9 months ago
Well i return all glory to God for the exam.
it wasnt easy though but hoping unto God for good result.
Thank you lord
9 months ago
Just read ur book O.and leave the rest to God.and again be very fast.because the 2hour is just like 30min.the time will be moving very fast
Good luck to the remaining jambite
9 months ago
well i give God thanks ,bcos i know that i will comeout in flying colours
9 months ago
About today's jamb 1:30pm
Even my grandma go solve am get the answers
9 months ago
pls, really want to know wot will happen 2 dose dat didn't thumbprinted after d exam
  • Lilwax: I Wrote today at Kings word college, Umuebele 1, at 1:30

    In Government and C. R. K past questions were repeated, English was simple and Literature You need to be very careful but simple as well
    Like 0    Dislike 0   9 months ago
9 months ago
Wrote 7am today. Science... My probs was the invigilators came & were repeating the same instrustion making noise & left vital information such as 'the time on our computer" instead of telling us dat d exam wil last jst 2hrs dat we shld not use the time on our system, because the just came in and said 15mins more while my system time had 58mins or so, & after 15mins the disconnected us all... I jst even strted guess work for the untouched 2 subject phy & chem... I didnt see pass questns, maths has "socahtoa " range, mode, S.I... Phy more of calculation, english 2passages, vowel sound, independence ... What best describe christine? A) she committed suicide etc Nessa's father & grand father serve in the collonial service,... Yussuf organise a party to celebrate which country independence a) nigeria b) ghana c) uganda d)... Yussuf preferred to be married to african women because a) slowly aged b) are strong... Tayo was supprise that yussuf wedding why a) because he married joy instead of joyce... Note if u carry anytin to the hall u wil pay 2 keep it outsyd... Ranging from 100naira to 1000naira, no earring, neckless, watch the exam was tight buh okay no system failure... Just the misinformation on time
9 months ago
My center was kind of scary cause it is an army cantonment... A candidate almost didn't do the exam because he was scared of them. πŸ˜‚
Well, I thank God the exam went smoothly there was no problem at all and even the question were so simple😌.
9 months ago
@ chuksuzoka1

Experienced something similar in my centre here in Delta State. Supposed 7 am exam started after 9. We had about 8 minutes left before they logged us out. At least man suppose use that time do small guess work πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

But still, the exam go well
9 months ago
plz av not seen my jamb date oo.. .....dey’v nt sent me anything via email. ..what can I do plz.. ..

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