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Can You Tell Where The Prisoner is Hiding?

A prisoner breaks out of prison and was reported to be hiding in one of these houses. Looking at the picture closely, can you tell where the prisoner is hiding? I bet 99% will Fail this!

Can You Tell Where The Prisoner is Hiding?

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Comments (6)

3 months ago
3 months ago
The prisoner is hiding in HOUSE A because it is the only house that has a car facing towards the road.
3 months ago
he is hiding in house C because it is the only house with a door openner in the form of C,,otherwise there is no way to gain entrance to other house without braking through it and perhaps that's going to be suspicious and hence no hiding.tell me am correct.
3 months ago
House A. The shadow of the tree is the shadow of man so the prisoner is behind the tree.

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