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2018 UTME: How Well Do You Think JAMB Has Performed?

The 2018 JAMB UTME has come and gone with most of the results already released (apart from the pending ones).

Going by the experiences of candidates who participated in the exam, there were highs and lows. Though that was to be expected.

2018 UTME: How Well Do You Think JAMB Has Performed?

This thread is for you to rate the whole process and conduct of the 2018 JAMB UTME based on your observations and experiences.

On a scale of 1- 10, how well do you think JAMB has performed this year regarding the conduct of the UTME?

Were there some remarkable changes you think are worth it?  Are there equally some you think JAMB should do away with before next year's UTME? 

We would like your views to be backed up with valid points.You can equally state your suggestions regarding future improvements.

Please do share your views on the comment section.

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Comments (101)

1 year ago
the innocents ones are being implicated by the lazy and unscrupulous students
1 year ago
1 year ago
Untill jamb release my result, their performance is capital letters POOR.

If truly their CCTV cameras are functioning well, they should be able to identify the defaulting centres and candidates and take actions accordingly.

Jamb board should put themselves in the shoes of the innocent ones (like me) affected by this cancellation and withholding of results.

Honestly, i am weak, sick and tired of everything, Ishaq Oloyede should try and be compassionate for ones.
Anyway, still holding on and trusting God for miracles.
1 year ago
Scored 233 so for me the performance was bad
1 year ago
jamb performance is poor
goddey Clever
1 year ago
I scored 165 and want to study business administration
1 year ago
Well! though my result was witheld, I will commend them on the registration processes like creation of personal profile, veding your pin down to final process of registration. Jamb is doing well in that area but possibly jamb can make registration to be done in any cyber cafe to alleviate the stress of congestion and long waiting at the cbt centre.
Secondly, jamb is doing well with this cbt introduction and the conduct system.
Jamb is doing very poor with the standerd of their question. It doesn't look intelligent at all. So many mistake with their question and even the mode of setting questions is questionable. This is only educational body in nigeria that control the admission of students into tentiary institutions in the country. They should operate with highest standerd.
I will show you one of their question I encoutered during my exam.
In my biology.
look at my question no 33 here.

The blood vessel that supplies blood rich in nutrients to the liver is called
A. pulmonary artery
B. pulmonary vein.
C. Hepatic portal artery
D. Hepatc portal artery.

Error number one is that option C&D were the same.
secondly, the right answer to that question which supoose to be "HEPATIC PORTAL VEIN" was not among the option.
Believe me, this is not the only one that I saw. Please, let them try as much as possible to prevent this kind of mistake.
Further more, jamb ways of dealing with results after exam is a lacuna and a concocter frenulum. For instance, withhelding result in a cbt exam for more than 1week all in the name of scrutinizing the potency of the result is astound and heartrending. I can bet you that most of the people suffering from this issue of withhending result are innocents. In my centre (sascon international school maitama Abuja), so many students there are yet to recieve there result and all jamb could say is that they are still investigating the result. Haba! Alot to say but at this moment, I will draw the cotton here.
please pardon my erratum if you notice any.
A jambite from fct abuja.
  • joyous: This year jamb is very poor,how can they withheld peoples result even the ones that came was actually not the correct result why because they found out we did well this year,they now delayed the result for no crucial reason,God will help us through...
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  • yusman: lol..u said d questions ar u...
    u cant ansa all d bio.questions frm A—Z..witout missing...pple really pass dis year due 2 d high rate of preparation especially science students....nt dat jamb questions ar easy..jamb always maintain dere standards
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  • kriz2203: True yan
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  • yung sage: dats true
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  • ikechukwu94: To me they were good in some aspects why very poor in some other areas. One of the areas they were poor is in the English language, for the sets that wrote
    on 15/3/18 .1:30 pm. We discovered they were no questions from no. 6-15., yet they were answers. Even the some of the instructions were wrong. And I believe this constituted for the reason behind my poor Mark of 228. I was not impressed with jamb at all. From Fct.
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  • rahama: me too ,my cbt center was sascon international school maitama,may God help us
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1 year ago
Very very poor
1 year ago
so far so GOOD
1 year ago
I believe with the high rate of performance in this years jamb examination there should be no need for post ume .the 2016 system of grading by the combination of your waec result and jamb score should be enacted in this year admission process.
Post ume is now outdated and not strict it is through this process in which schools extorts students and also you hear of issues of students who did well but did not get admitted due to corruption or should i say long leg.
This year in January a high court in abuja said jamb was the only body accepted to conduct examinations in Nigeria that would give admission so from this issue alone it can be said that post ume is not allowed by the constitution.
Every student who has the spirit of getting admission this year should come together lets purge post ume out of Nigeria, go to jamb twitter handle and start tweeting say no to post ume with the #NOPOSTUME take to Instagram even Facebook , lets unite together and end this #NOPOSTUME
  • uyidking: Lolz... Trust me u don't want that to happen...... Cos only the rich and affluent would get admission... Go to schools and check the number of "normal" people that got admitted to their course if study in 2016.
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  • emmanuelwizi: U b aboki...big head...talking rubbish
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  • AyoDeey: I concur with this opinion of yours.
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  • Tourist: @uyidking i tell you this would favour many students and is the best way because jamb would give you direct admission not school which would start putting people through sort and leave people who merited it
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  • Erima: Tourist, post utme will be conducted remember 2016 when u I professor said the 100l medical students that were admitted woefully cla they admitted only with Jamb and waec but not with post utme, schools like unilag, u I, Oau and other top universities will conduct post utme and the ban on conducting post utme has been lifted
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  • Erima: Failed woefully cos they admitted with only Jamb and waec
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  • Erima: Look at the high level of Mal practice in today's waec, students with good grades get admitted into the university and they don't do well, oloyede is trying so hard to reduce examination Mal practice but for me he is taking it too far
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  • d_jmanuel: post utme should even stand a better chance than jamb..... take p-utme out and admission will only be for the rich ones
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  • yusman: lol...wat i no is dat oau,ui,and unilag wil conduct postutme..bcaus dey attract d best brains in naija...passing jamb doesnt mean u ar brilliant...get an undergraduate
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  • Johnson Jesusson: *The fact is detailed already by yusman..only a few of jambite and many of undergraduates will have a better understanding of your highlight..¤also an undergraduate and tasuedite to be precise¤
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  • Johnson Jesusson: ¤Also appreciate Erima comment¤
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  • altijjaneey: In my own view, post utme still remain the best option. Because in 2016 when jamb and O level result are used as the criteria for admission, Many schools complained about the incompetence of the students. Imagine someone with 290-300 in jamb and with excellent O level result (A's and B's) end up withdrawn in 100 level. In my school (ABU ZARIA), 9 students were withdrawn and 11 repeat in 100 level MBBS. Why? Because they use Jamb score as the criteria for admission. You will hardly see a person with such score in post utme end up withdrawn (especially in year 1). To end the long story short, there is high level of examination malpractice in these O level results, especially those from private schools. For me, is better to ban Jamb than post utme.
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  • Charles: I bet u guys this tourist of a guy failed jamb big time that why he is dependent on his miracle center motivated waec result for a push up... pls u guys should just snub him.. If u can make it in jamb, then prove that via post ume.. And in a way it motivate students to read n learn more... Just imagine who will open his/her book again if post ume is to be scrapped?
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1 year ago
Commendable, malpractice has been greatly reduced but they still have a long way to go. they have reduced the stress of obtaining pins but the registration process is still very very stressful, why can't they allow candidates to do it in cyber cafes? and i think they've gone rather too far in trying to curb malpractice, can someone please explain how someone is suppose to cheat with a biro in a cbt exam? i did'nt really notice the part where candidates where asked not to come with biros, it was when i was about entering in to the exam hall that we were told to throw away our biros and get pencils instead. this is very unreasonable.
1 year ago
The efforts of JAMB are being thwarted by both internal and external factors. The best way to tackle this problem is to involve the law enforcement agents to arrest and prosecute those who are engaging themselves in shady deals rather than subjecting innocent candidates to unnecessary agitations.
  • Johnson Jesusson: @skythelimit..Your supposition is right..but what i thought may be helpful and additional to your view to safe guard the innocent candidate by the board is to ensure individual detection of suspect by the cctv and other uncompromised detecting materials before subjection to respective punishment by the law enforcement agents
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  • teejaY: yes, very sacrosanct. not subjecting everyone in the phew to unnecessary stress all in the name of fishing out those doing malpractice and at the end of the day backfire on the innocent candidates
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1 year ago
jamb is a failure !!
we need another competitive market pls
1 year ago
Hey you @Tourist...I believe you took out time to write this whole rubbish about cancellation of postutme because you managed to pass this years utme or probably because you want to gain some cheap popularity on social media with that useless hash tag of yours... I wonder why some people are so stupid. The title of this post says "how do you rate the performance of this years utme?"
Your stupid and selfish self didn't even let you think about the irregularities and cancellation of the results of innocent candidates due to implication by their centers, instead you came out here to vomit nonsense. Baba if you really deserve admission this year then why are u scared of postume nah? POST UME REMAINS THE SUREST WAY TO SRUTINIZE CANDIDATES FOR ADMISSION take it or leave it!!! You had better start studying for postume rather than vomiting rubbish here!
  • yusman: lev d guy oo...last 2 years i had frnds wit 270+...oau used dey all av c's in.dere waec..and oau denied dem admission bcaus dey dnt av A's...postutme is d best..oau,ui,unilag wil.always conduct it
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1 year ago
This year Jamb performed excellently, jamb has never performed excellently like this before since I've been writing jamb.

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