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2 years ago
What are the challenges you think you would expect when admitted into UNIZIK pharmacy?
  • J-black: Also interested to know the what it is like,the problems and special favouring factors to enable the studies
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  • Prettyangelx: Being a student of Pharmacy in Unizik is not as stressful as it is usally expected as most times people assume one has to do some unnecessary things to survive. First, one has an advantage if you did prescience before entering the school. But however if you are good in your studies prior to entering year one especially with basic maths, chemistry , biology and physics, then with the past questions for each courses exams, which when you read it combined with getting their textbook(if you wish), you definitely will get A's in the courses.
    I'm talking from experience. 😉`
    Secondly, when you move over to Agulu, that is a different ball game as you are in close interaction with the lecturers. They tell you what to read, what not to read for exams and what to read to be better for your own self(I wish I never skipped this part😥😞). Summary is their is no big deal in studying harmacy in Unizk. I came, I saw, I coquered the course and elft when I should. However, expect to cut down some of your extra curricular activities when it comes to 2nd year to fianl year. Trust me, you don't wanna spend some extra years in that school environment. 😤
    Now coming to the problems, well second year to final year study is ocated in a remote and serene environment. If you are the "village"🙃 kinda person, you wouldn't really feel it buh if you love to flex, trust me, you might have to cut down on how to trave outta the area if you wanna make good grades. But if you are good with handling both your books and studying hard, then go ahead, enjoy your stay and graduate cum laude.
    I'm here if you need any other expalnation.
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  • Falz: This is my number i want this pharmacy group thuis is my no ...07085507514 i want to join this group plsssss
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  • Adetemmy: I want to join pharmacy group
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  • Chidinma: Pls add me in d pharmacy group
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2 years ago
pls does anyone av post utme past questions to share
A group to help aspirants to get enough knowledge on how to get into the pharmacy school, survive and come out as the best
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