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1 year ago
Skeletal system
  • lara: oya nw
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  • lara: what is skeletal system
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  • Inzu: Skeleton is the bony framework of the human body. It gives rigidity ,protects internal organs and much more. There are 3 forms of Skeletal materials i)Cuticle-composed mainly of chitin, it cam bs found on anthropods,chitin is a non-living substance so it sheds off by a process called Moulting or ecydysis ii)Bone -consist a living cell called "Osteocytes" , protein fibre (collagen), and minerals iii)Cartilage- consist of a living cell called 'Chrodroblast' , carbohydrates and protein fibre. It produces a cushioning effect between bones .
    TENDONS- Attaches bones to muscles
    LIGAMENT- Attaches bones to bones
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Medicine/ pharmacy students



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