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2 months ago
Hi everyone
2 months ago
Good day guys
I am dropping a mathematical problem now:

Find x, y & z.

Show detailed solution of your answer.
Drop your answers as a reply. Good day.
2 months ago
2 months ago
A cylinder is 7cm high and closed at one end. If the total surface area 462cm², calculate its radius (π=22/7)?
2 months ago
Hi i hope am welcome
2 months ago
Post more questions guys
lets have some fun
2 months ago
Express 302.10495 correct to five significant figures
2 months ago
Hi everyone pls I don't know mensuration. I need help.
  • AaCcTt: ok,that is not a problem,but what you have first know is the formula for each shape.

    we will explain better when you post questions
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  • Princess: The figure below shows a cylindrical container mounted on an hemisphere bowl. The diameter of the hemisphere bowl is 10cm. If the figure has height 14cm,find:
    a)the total surface area of the whole figure.
    b)the volume of the figure
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  • AaCcTt: d=10cm
    1)T.S.A(whole figure)=T.S.A(hemisphere)+T.S.A(cylinder @ one end closed)
    T.S.A=3¥r^2 + (2¥rh + ¥r^2)

    recall that

    T.S.A=(3*5^2 *22/7) + [(2*5*14*22/7)+(5^2 *22/7)]
    =(3*25*22)/7 + (10*44)+(25*22)/7
    =1650/7 + 440 + 550/7
    =754.3 cm2 ~ 754 cm2

    2)V=volume of hemisphere + Cylinder
    V=2/3 ¥r^3 + ¥r^2h
    V=(2/3 * 22/7 *5^3)+(22/7 * 5^2 * 14)
    V=(2*22*125)/(3*7) + (22*25*2)
    V=5500/21 + 1100
    V=261.9 +1100
    V=1361.9 cm3 ~ 1362 cm3
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  • Princess: Thanks @ Princess
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  • AaCcTt: it is my pleasure
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2 months ago
Pls let us think and find 27 figure of speech e.g. hit the nail on the head
  • Princess: To hit the nail on the head is not a figure of speech but an idiomatic expression.
    Examples of figure of speech are : pun, alliteration, metaphor, simile,hyperbole, climax, anti climax,assonance,personification,apostrophe, euphemism, synedoche,anadiplosis,repitition,rhetorical questions, irony,pathos and so on.
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  • ifiokabasi: pls I need help in construction and locus
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  • NWANNE: I think we should spot out the idioms from that picture.I can see "kick the bucket"
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  • AaCcTt: yea
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Dear star
2 months ago
Hi everyone please help me out.x=25
2 months ago
find the equation whose roots are 5 and -3

the internal and external radii of a water pipe are 9cm and 10cm respectively
if the pipe is 35cm long, find, in cm^3,the volume of the material used in making it [take Π=22/7].
2 months ago
please I need your help
2 months ago
Anybody here??
Lets make some noise
lets ask math question
lets solve a little

comment with you question
lets play
2 months ago
post ur question let them help u out
1 month ago
Help me solve this
Helps 2020/2021 WASSCE and NECO students pass their mathematics examination.


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