Jambites for 2019/2020

Group Admin: Chima
Created on: 7th February 2019
# Members: 34  
Institution: University of Abuja

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Group Discussions (22)

1 year ago
when is the exam
1 year ago
The exam is on the 16th of march
  • Iby146: Hi chima,are u the group admin of my jamb 2019/2020 group having 102 members,having been loging in to the group ever since i joined but is nt going through and i tink its as a result of d multitude in d group,if u are the chima pls do something about it.
    Like 0    Dislike 0   11 months ago
1 year ago
pls those in this group should drop their numbers
1 year ago
pls let us bring up topics to spice up dis grup
1 year ago
Reprinting of jamb reg slip starts march 2nd .Any problem pls indicate
11 months ago
mock begins march 23...........any problems pls state
All questions related to jamb 2019 will be answered with links to passing this years jamb.



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