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JAMB CBT English 2021 Past Questions 1 - 20

Watch this video showing detailed explanations and solutions to the 2021 JAMB CBT Use of English Language Past Questions, specifically from questions 1 to 20.

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To see where we're sourcing the questions in this video, which will enable you to follow this video tutorial, and to also get a list of all the questions and passages for JAMB English for 2021, see this link; https://myschool.ng/classroom/english-language?exam_type=jamb&exam_year=2021


1. Read the passages below and answer the questions that follow...Link: https://myschool.ng/classroom/english-language?exam_type=jamb&exam_year=2021&page=1

2. It is normal in Nigeria to use proficiency in the use of English... link: https://myschool.ng/classroom/english-language?exam_type=jamb&exam_year=2021&page=2

3. In the passage below, the numbered gaps (11-20) indicate missing words... Link: https://myschool.ng/classroom/english-language?exam_type=jamb&exam_year=2021&page=3

If you have issues with any academic questions, we have an army of solutions providers on the Myschool website. We will answer your question within minutes. Just post your Use of English problems at this link; https://myschool.ng/questions/academic-questions

Do you have better steps or explanations to solve any of the questions in this video? Please let us know the question number and your solution in the comments section below. If you also have suggestions on how we can improve any of our content, do also let us know in the comment section.

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2023 JAMB epin now available - Buy Now - Remita
JAMB CBT Mobile App 2023 - Free Download
JAMB CBT Software 2023 - Free Download