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Factorize completely \(x^{2} + 2xy + y^{2} + 3x + 3y - 18\).

Factorize completely \(x^{2} + 2xy + y^{2} + 3x + 3y - 18\).

  • A. (x+y+6)(x+y-3)
  • B. (x-y-6)(x-y+3)
  • C. (x-y+6)(x-y-3)
  • D. (x+y-6)(x+y+3)
Correct Answer: Option A
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Contributions (20)

2 years ago
how about expanding each option to get the equation. consequently whichever option gives the given equation is the right answer. #capeesh
option A is the answer

if u expand option a which is (a)(x+y+6) (b)(x+y-3)by multiplyin both dat is bracket a to bracket b

u will get x^2+xy-3x+xy+y^2-3y+6x+6y-18

then collect like terms u get

x^2+2xy+y2+3x+3y-18 which was d question u were u given 2 factorize tanks
6 years ago
nawa o..but if this question is not a multiple choice question..wat will u guys do to get the answer?
7 years ago
Expand option A and collect d like terms, u get d question given.
5 years ago
D ans is A
3 years ago
Here is an explanation:

TO DIVIDE BY FIRST CONVERTING FROM BASE 6 TO BASE 10 2434base6 to base10 is 2x6^3 + 4x6^2 + 3x6^1 + 4x6^0=

432 + 144 + 18 + 4 =598.

42 base6 to base 10 is 4x6^1 + 2x6^0= 24 + 2= 26.

598/26= 23.

back to base 6= 23/6=2 R 5. 2/6 = 0 R 2. THE FINAL ANSWER IS 25 BASE6.the direct division will be coming soon. thank you.
5 years ago
X^2 2xy y^2 3x 3y-18=(x y)^2 3(x y)-18

let (x y) be p,and subtitute to the equ.

= p^2 3p-18

=p^2 6p-3p-18

=p(p 6)-3(p 6)

=(p-3)(p 6)

recall: p=x y,sutitute to the answer

=(x y-3)(x y 6).
4 years ago
gat ntin 2 xay
dona de moen
7 years ago
In my own understand i wil say d answer is D when u factorize mutiple your answer it were give u back d same as in d queation. Option D is (x y-6)(x y 3) let mutiple it back now it wil give u something like dis X2 xy 3x xy Y2 3y-18 collect d like terms which wil giv now as X2 2xy Y2 3x 3y-18. Thank u
6 years ago
samie fully says a is correct. guys remmbr if u choose option d,u gt 3x-6x + 3y-6y wch wil gv x^2+ 2xy+y^2-3x-3y-18 wch iz nt in line wt d questn.

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