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If \(\frac{(a^2 b^{-3}c)^{\frac{3}{4}}}{a^{-1}b^{4}c^{5}}=a^{p} b^{q} c^{r}\) What is the value of p+2q?

If \(\frac{(a^2 b^{-3}c)^{\frac{3}{4}}}{a^{-1}b^{4}c^{5}}=a^{p} b^{q} c^{r}\) What is the value of p+2q?
  • A. (5/2)
  • B. -(5/4)
  • C. -(25/4)
  • D. -10
Correct Answer: Option D
Hint: apply basic mathematics rules beginning from BODMAS to algebra, and follow solution carefully to arrive at p =(5/2), q = -(25/4) and r = -(9/2).

Then p+2q will give you \(\frac{5}{2}+2\left(\frac{-25}{4}\right)= -10\)

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Contributions (61)

umunna ifeanyi
4 years ago
at least this one has been solved, for me i'd just say use the indicies law, calculate in d power for all of them i.e a,b and c then equate the answers to the unknown variables of the respective base i.e p,q and r after you have done that, solve like normal plus and minus, your ansa will appear
6 years ago
Both d questn nd d answer is nt clear 2 me.
5 months ago
na wa day say we should come and be completing with this artificial intelligence( computer) which is suppose to be done by an artificial work done ( dat is robot ) u cant win onless u too are robot,
6 years ago
Lord help me in mathematic soln
4 years ago
Which kin question b dis. Wats d meanin of \, /, {, }, confusion occupying my brain.
5 years ago
yeah waldon get sense
6 years ago
this is cool am lovin this.... OMG i love this site u guys are the best... Wow! Nothing compares to this... Keep the good work up.. I'll go tell my friends,,,, u just got ur selves lots of members from my department....
3 years ago
Finally i got the answer
charles obeta
3 years ago
gud one
Nabo Green
6 years ago
y is mathematics so simple for some pple,mehn i need thorough brushing up
3 years ago
I tink the question is not correct
Daddy savage
5 months ago
I dnt understand it oh please help me out 馃槶馃槶馃槶
5 years ago
Smbody xplain how cum we r getn 3/4 -5=17/4 instead of 23/4...whr waz 3 removd?
Ali Inuwa Tanko
6 years ago
Haha read hard n pray papa God day
5 years ago
From laws of indices a^x/a^y=x-y..

a^p=3/2-(-1/1)=3+2/2 =5/2


b^q=-9/4-4/1=-9-16/4 =-25/4









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