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Choose the option that best conveys the meaning of the underlined portion in the following...

Choose the option that best conveys the meaning of the underlined portion in the following sentence;

The leader in today's issue of our popular newspaper focuses on inflation

  • A. president
  • B. headline
  • C. editorial
  • D. columnist
  • E. proprietor
Correct Answer: Option C

 A leader in a newspaper is a piece of writing which gives the editor's opinion on an important news item.

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Contributions (112)

7 years ago
Yap it iz editorial.
7 years ago
Itz an ironical 2rth as d leader yea repreznts d body wch places sch directnz referin 2 d editorial body
7 years ago
Am cofuse in dis one,bcos of headline and editoria which are the same as the the leader.please som1 should help me out, so dat i wont be left behind.
  • realycool: I actuali tout its 'Headline' but on ce-in dis ans nd my research made me undastnd dat...

    'leader' in dat aspect is aimed at de major storys makin a captivatin headline wich is de 'Editorials'

    nd 'Headline' is jus a summry of de 'Editorials'

    Headline is mor lik an advert of de major story-'Editorial'
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  • Blesso: D ans z editorial becos newspaper z involued
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  • Umarmuhamud: Yeh d answer is editorial bcus is on infilation cheak
    Like 0    Dislike 0   7 years ago
  • Hebroheem: headline in dat word is nt acting as the same to editorial
    Like 0    Dislike 0   6 years ago
  • agbolizm: It simply referring to the leaders in the media(news)
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  • Ennytize: Yes, but headline nd headitorial are not d same,, headline is a topic @ d front page or inner page of a news paper, while headitorial are those in position of chair person of d newspaper compny. I mean headitorial are d leaders or d head in charge of a particular news paper company... I fink dats wat i knew abt dis topic.
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  • golden023: am also confuse, but editorial is d answer shea
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  • golden023: editorial is d answere nt headlines
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  • Adeys Adex: Headlines re de brief story of wat is in de news paper while editorial re de officials dat edit de news paper
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Alisigwe lynda
7 years ago
Taught it was headline
7 years ago
Understanding a question before answering is all that matter; kudos to you all.
7 years ago
tot it was headline
7 years ago
d answer to d ? Sud b c which is editorial coz d editorial is a person who arrange,modify nd assemble all issues contented in d article.
7 years ago
Went for headline as well
7 years ago
Was almst confused bt dats right...editorial s it
7 years ago
D answer is editorial
6 years ago
option c
Taught is headline
D ans is (c) editorial bcause it is part of a newspaper written by d editor giving an opinion on some question of d day.
6 years ago
Yez, is z Editorial
6 years ago
I thought it was headline.Now I know better,thanks.

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