A demonstration of social responsibility by a business is the payment of

A demonstration of social responsibility by a business is the payment of
  • A. taxes to government
  • B. dividends to shareholders
  • C. interests on loans
  • D. premium on insurance
Correct Answer: Option A
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Contributions (14)

7 years ago
Dats d costumers responsibility so dey av 2 perform it 2 d govt
wisdom onyebuchi
1 year ago
the answer is A because for a company or organization should have any contribution to make to the society it is to pay their tax to the government reason been that they are also adding more income and values to the society at large and the economy
7 years ago
A on my mind
6 years ago
6 years ago
a cos DAT is d practice
6 years ago
Nice one...
5 years ago
A is the correct answer
7 years ago
yes that is part of the responsibilities of business to the govt.
7 years ago
Yes the answer is right cos it's the bst option available. Business has a social responsibility to different persons_ to the government; it is the paying of tax amongs others. To the share holders and other stake holders it's the making and share of profit according to investment and to the community the business also has a responsibility of preserving the ecological balance as much as possible.

Some scholars like Peter Drucker argued that bussiness has one and only one responsibility "profit" but this is untrue to a large extent cos no business can operate in vacume
7 years ago
Payment of taxes to d government by any business organisation is used by d government to providé social ammenités for d people like water,electricity,health centers,roads etc so its their social responsibility to pay their tax.
7 years ago
Snazzy boi
7 years ago
I go with "A"
2 years ago
the answer is A

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