Which of the following changes is physical?

Which of the following changes is physical?
  • A. Adding iron filing to aerated water
  • B. Adding sodium metal to water
  • C. Cooling a solution of Iron (II) sulphate to obtain the hydrated salt
  • D. Cooling water to obtain ice
  • E. Burning the domestic gas (Utilgas) for cooking
Correct Answer: Option D
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Contributions (17)

5 years ago
dats freezing
2 years ago
Physical change z reversible nd no new substance z 4med;water undergoes fusion 2 4m ice on coolin,ice undergoes melting n turns 2 water on heatin,as u can c d change z rversible n no new substance 4med
5 years ago
very interesting! Wen water(liquid) put in a fridge to make block (ice) dats d process of FREEZING as a (physical) change of form & state of matter. Wic d change is easily reversible (back to melting). Therefore, answer is "D"
5 years ago
Ice is water, hence no new substance former
6 years ago
only change of state occurs(nd dat dosnt mean dat new substance are formed)
6 years ago
ALL i knw z dat no new substance z formed(i.e liquid 2 solid) and it can be easily reversible
6 years ago
t s true no new substance s 4rm wen a liquid is cooled it wil turn to solid nd also wen solid is heated t wil trn to liquid so it is vice versa dat s no new substance is 4rm
6 years ago
Let me ansa this question in my dreams or when I'm sleep walking lol.def C no new substance is formed liquid to solid (condensation)
  • lemibare: liquid to solid is not condensation... But freezing i.e wen u put water (liquid) into d fridge, it will chnge to block (ice) wic is d process of freezing... But condensation is vapour to liquid or solid. Therefore, d answer is "C"
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7 years ago
it is a physical change not chemical change bcose no new substance is form in these process.
7 years ago
the process is reversible and so no new substance is formed..,its therefore a physical change.
7 years ago
yea dat correct
7 years ago
The process is reversible so it is a physical change
7 years ago
In physical change new substances are formed. So cooling of water to obtain ice new substances was formed.
  • cyberformz: physical change is a change dt z reversible . D coolin of water to form ice z reversible in dt d ice cn change bak to liquid water on heatin or exposure. While d rest er chemical Change bcos d product formed cnt b changed bk to d reactants
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  • Oladayo: yea no new substance is form but reversible
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