When ammonia and hydrogen ion bond together to form ammonium ion, the bond formed is...

When ammonia and hydrogen ion bond together to form ammonium ion, the bond formed is called
  • A. ionic bond
  • B. electrovalent bond
  • C. covalent bond
  • D. co-ordinate bond
  • E. hydrogen bond
Correct Answer: Option D
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Contributions (30)

6 years ago
Ansa is D. Note that it is hydrogen ion nd not hydrogen atom. Hydrogen ion has no electron to share so it is only d ammonium dat does d sharing of electrons making it a coordinate or dative bonding
5 years ago
Hmmm the answer is D am not surprise cause is machine that is marking it and u know what physics said about machine not 100% efficacy
6 years ago
The ans is d becos ammonium donated both of d electrons used in sharing wit hydrogen
5 years ago
The answer is D! Myschool should rectify their answers oo chai! So many wrong answers!
7 years ago
It's option D cos lone pair is needed in co-ordinate bond nd ammonia posses lone pair wc enables it 2 form ammonium ion wit hydrogen
5 years ago
If d colourlez gases re allowed to mix, a tik wite smoke of solid ammonium chloride is fomed. NH3 + HCL -----> NH4Cl
5 years ago
option D nd E is correct
6 years ago
Nb: hydrogen bnd is a bnd btw hydro. n a very electronegative element. N ammonia is nt. Ans. D
5 years ago
Recall hydrogen bond is when hydrogen bond reacts with nitrogen, oxygen and fluorine. So d answer is E because the hydrogen ion combines with the nitrogen in ammonia.
5 years ago
even jamb register self still fair the question. abeg ammonium na polar bond? or how he take be hydrogen bond. i go for D
7 years ago
d ans is D
6 years ago
The ans is d cos Hydrogen is the element supplying electron for sharing and there is no dipole
7 years ago
i go wit d cos if nt for co-ordinat covalent it can neva b
6 years ago
sure to be option E because ammonia was covalently linked to hydrogen sha
Ukeme udo
3 years ago
Ans: d bcus ammonium donate electrons use in sharing wid hydrogen.

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