Hypochlorous acid is used as a bleach because

Hypochlorous acid is used as a bleach because
  • A. it is a strong acid
  • B. it yields chlorine readily in pure water
  • C. it is an oxidising agent
  • D. it is a weak acid
  • E. it is a reducing agent
Correct Answer: Option C
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6 years ago
I still remember this hypochlorus acid (Hocl) as it is a weak acid which comes to be when chlorine reacts with water. it is also an oxidising agent. Option B is correct & C is also correct.I think its d chemical been used in swimming pools. I go with B
7 years ago
Bleachn agents are nt always oxidizn agents o.SO3 ion bleaches by reduction.read more
3 years ago
goodness my wife you are right
amaechi unya
7 years ago
u are rit bcus bleaching agents are always an oxidizing agents
5 years ago
also d adding an electronegative element in anoda element makes d compound to undergo oxidation and becomes oxidizing agent
5 years ago
also d adding an electronegative element in anoda element makes d compound to undergo oxidation and becomes oxidizing agent.z d presence of chlorine dat makes d HCL to bcom a bleaching agent
is a weak acid with the chemical formular Hocl or it calcium salt is used as a bleach cos oxides sulfhydry groups leading to d formation of disulfide........
7 years ago
good bleaching agents are oxidizing agents,,chlorine bleaches by oxidation,,unlike SO3 which bleaches by reduction..check it out
4 years ago
yep u guys r rite but for this qstn c is corect cos d qstn askd 4 why it bleaches
Bleaches work by reacting with many colored organic compounds, such as natural pigments, and turning them into colorless ones. While most bleaches are oxidizing agents (chemicals that can remove electrons from other molecules), some are reducing agents (that donate electrons).

Chlorine, a powerful oxidizer, is the active agent in many household bleaches. Since pure chlorine is a toxic corrosive gas, these products usually contain an hypochlorite that releases chlorine when needed. "Bleaching powder" usually means a formulation containing calcium hypochlorite.
4 years ago
De correct ans is option d. becos chlorine bleach by oxidation...and u knw dat reducing agent undergoes oxidation
5 years ago
hocl bleaches by oxidation not because its acid but because of chlorine while sulphur bleaches by reduction either by adding it to another element or not, so chlorine bleaches by oxidation
Ceu Okaa
3 years ago
I think Back is the answer bcoz it yields chlorine in pure water
Myschool Ada
4 years ago
The chosen option is correct. Thank you for your contributions.
Goodness kalu
7 years ago
D ans is 'B'.dis is bcos chlorine reacts wit water 2form oxochlorate(1)acid whch is unstable nd decomposes 2release oxygen whch oxidizes d dye or stain dereby 4min a colourless compound.

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