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Zinc Oxide is a

Zinc Oxide is a
  • A. Basic Oxide
  • B. Acidic Oxide
  • C. Amphoteric Oxide
  • D. Neutral Oxide
  • E. Reactive Oxide
Correct Answer: Option C
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Contributions (216)

1 year ago
Amphoteric oxide are oxide of metal that can behave both as acidic and basic oxides.
Fiona Valerie
3 years ago
It's an amphoteric oxide because it reacts with acid and base to form salt and water only
2 years ago
nini bae ur answer z correct buh ur cal z very wrong.

mole=mass/molar mass

molar mass of KCLO3 is 122.5g

at 45degree mass =1•5*122.5=183.75

at 20degree mass=0.5x122.5=61.25

mass crystalised out =183.75-61.25=122.50g

Iyanu Adaramoye
5 years ago
it is an amphoteric because it acts like an acid and a base and like an acid in a base.
5 years ago
It possesses both basic and acidic oxide...
zerah ugochukwu
5 months ago
zinc hydroxide is obtained when sodium hydroxide solution is added to an aquoeus solution of a zinc salt. it is a white solid which is amphoteric in nature and also insolube in water.
4 years ago
yes, ZnO is an amphoteric oxide
3 years ago
Its correct
6 years ago
amphoteric oxides are oxides with both acidic and basic properties... ZnOH has both acidic and basic properties therefore, it's an amphoteric oxide..
5 years ago
yea...Zinc oxide(ZnO) z also an ore of zinc which have both, alkaline n acidic properties whch makes it Amphoteric
6 years ago
d compound act as an acid and a base
amphoteric oxide are those that posseses characteristic of both acidic and a basic oxide.thenks.
5 years ago
metals like zinc reacts wit acid and base to give salt and water only under neutralization dis makes zinc oxide zno to b amphoteric cos it is both basic n acidic
6 years ago
It has both acidic and basic properties
Rashidat omoyosi
6 years ago
Its amphoteric cuz it loses its oxygen on sublimation

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