People suffering from myopia

People suffering from myopia

  • A. can see near object clearly
  • B. can see far away object clearly
  • C. cannot see any object clearly
  • D. are colour blind
  • E. are able to see clearly in the dark
Correct Answer: Option A

Myopia is another name given to short- sightedness. Affected persons see close objects clearly but far objects are blurry and would take correction to get from a distance fixed on their retina.

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Contributions (113)

6 years ago
Myopia is short sightedness nd cn only see near object clearly
6 years ago
yeah are shortsightedness.
4 years ago
Myopia occurs when an image is formed in front of the retina
5 years ago
Yeah,myopia means short sightedness
4 years ago
Yes, people suffering from Myopia can only see near objects clearly because their iris is very large, therefore it covers some parts in the whitish area and the lens cannot let it see far objects
6 years ago
myopia can either e called shortsightedness
6 years ago
dats true de ansa is A
6 years ago
yea...dahs the correct answer
5 months ago
Myopia is an short sightedness
The great one
5 years ago
The answer is A because light rays meet infront of the retina and not on the retina. This eye defect can be corrected using a concave lens which diverge light rays to the retina
2 years ago
Here is an explanation:

Myopia also known as shortsightedness is a condition in which lightrays from a distant ray z brought to a focus in front of d retina.. An individual is unable to see far objects clearly but can see near objects well.. It is caused by d eyeball being too long or d lens is too thick.. It is correctd by a concave or diverging lens

REF: Authority in biology.
3 years ago
all correct
6 years ago
6 years ago
this is short sightedness and they cant c tiny letas
Okwara MacAnthony
5 years ago
Yeqh dahz true

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