The alternate heating and cooling of rocks result in

The alternate heating and cooling of rocks result in
  • A. sublimation
  • B. volatilization
  • C. fragmentation
  • D. solidification
  • E. sedimentation
Correct Answer: Option C
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Contributions (8)

Itz Afro Richie
3 years ago
d real nd crrt ans is fragmentation cos cooling and drying of rck wil lead 2 gradual disintegration of rock(weathering)nd later it bcm smal fragment nd d accumulation of dis frag bcom soil
3 years ago
The answer suppose to be solidificatiom because is a process in which liquid changes to solid and heat is a form of liquid while cooling is a form of solid so i think in all perspective the answer should be solidification not fragmentation
Princess chi
5 years ago
Yes true, i belive dat ansa 4rm logent moses.
4 years ago
9 months ago
I think the correct answer should be sublimation, this is because it is an act of changing from gas to solid
4 years ago
y do u say so
4 years ago
isn't it supposed to be sedimentation
3 years ago
na C nah

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