effect of pressure on boiling point?

effect of pressure on boiling point?

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2 months ago
when the pressure is increased,the boiling point increases, and if the pressure is reduced the boiling point is reduced toooo....
Increasing pressure usually increases the boiling point of a
liquid. A way to think about it is that the molecules of the
liquid need more energy to break into the gas phase when the
more molecules are hitting the surface of the liquid with more
For melting point, increasing the pressure makes some
difference. If the liquid is less dense than the solid phase,
then higher pressure increases the melting point.
If the volume of the solid is greater than the liquid phase, as
in the case of water, then more pressure actually lowers the
melting point a little bit.

For larger vapour pressure the larger will be the
boiling point. If we increase the pressure above the
liquid surface then the boiling point of the liquid
will increase (pressure cooker used in our homes
uses this advantage) .
Similarly if the pressure above the liquid surface is
decreased the boiling point is also decreased. (That
is why cooking is difficult in high altitudes.)
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