I checked my admission status on eksu website and I saw "none yet" in my...

I checked my admission status on eksu website and I saw "none yet" in my faculty and dept. Pls what does that mean, and also has anyone been given admission yet?

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Answers (7)

6 months ago
It's means your admission status is still processing.
When it's done. You'll be able to tell wether you're admitted or not.

Please be patient
6 months ago
It meant the school has not yet consider you for admission, you just have to be patient, the admission list are normally released in batches. So keep on checking the school website from time to time.
The school has already started releasing their admission list.
6 months ago
it means that you have not be admmited keep checking both the school portal and jamb caps only if you reach the cutoff mark
6 months ago
am having tge same issues too
6 months ago
Am having the same issues too is their still hope
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