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glucose and glycogen and fractos maltos, plez diffenciate them?

glucose and glycogen and fractos maltos,
plez diffenciate them?

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Answers (2)

4 months ago
1.Glucose comes from the Greek word for "sweet." It's a type of sugar you get from foods you eat, and your body uses it for energy. As it travels through your bloodstream to your cells, it's called blood glucose or blood sugar.
Insulin is a hormone that moves glucose from your blood into the cells for energy and storage. People with diabetes have higher-than-normal levels of glucose in their blood. Either they don't have enough insulin to move it through or their cells don't respond to insulin as well as they should.
High blood glucose for a long period of time can damage your kidneys, eyes, and other organs.

While Glycogen is a stored form of glucose. It is a large multi-branched polymer of glucose which is accumulated in response to insulin and broken down into glucose in response to glucagon.

Glycogen is mainly stored in the liver and the muscles and provides the body with a readily available source of energy if blood glucose levels decrease.

2.Fructose is a natural sugar present in fruit and honey.
Fructose is the sweetest of the naturally occurring caloric sweeteners. Fructose occurs naturally in fruits, fruit juices, honey, and even some vegetables.

Pure fructose is much sweeter than other types of sugar. As a result, people can use less fructose than other sugars in cooking to achieve the same sweetness.

While Maltose is a sugar made out of two glucose molecules bound together.

It’s created in seeds and other parts of plants as they break down their stored energy in order to sprout. Thus, foods like cereals, certain fruits and sweet potatoes contain naturally high amounts of this sugar.

Even though maltose is less sweet than table sugar and fructose, it has long been used in hard candy and frozen desserts because of its unique tolerance to heat and cold.
The hexoses glucose,galactose, and fructose
are important monosaccharides.Glucose is
the most prevalent monosaccharide in diet.
The most common hexose, D-glucose,
C6H12O6 also known as dextrose and blood
sugar, is found in fruits,vegetables, corn syrup,
and honey. Glucose is a building block of the
disaccharides(sucrose,maltose,lactose) and
polysaccharides ( glycogen,cellulose,starch).
In the body, excess glucose is converted to
glycogen and then stored in the muscle and

1. Chemistry-
Maltose is a white crystal sugar, also known
as malt sugar and a reducing disaccharide
made from two glucose units. The bonding of
two glucose units is called 1-4 glycosidic
linkage which joins the carbon number 1 of
one glucose to carbon number 4 of the
second glucose.In the presence of enzyme
maltase,1-4 linkage of two glucose is broken
down and maltose is hydrolized into glucose
1. occurrence-
Maltose is present in sprouting barley. It is
the major product of hydrolysis of starch.

Glycogen is the energy storage molecule of
animals. It is formed by branched chains of
alpha glucose molecules with 1-4 glycosidic
bonds on the main chains and 1-6 glycosidic
bonds to form the branches. Humans store
small amounts of glycogen in the liver and
muscles. It is created when there are high
blood sugar levels. The pancreas secretes
insulin, which stimulates the creation of
glycogen from glucose and signals the body
to use glucose as its main form of energy. It
is non reducing sugar. It gives red colour with

Fructose is a ketohexose with the molecular
formula of C6H12O6 ; which is same as the
molecular formula of Glucose but different
structure. The structure of fructose differs
from glucose at carbon 1 and 2 by the
location of the carbonyl group. Fructose is the
sweetest naturally occurring sugar. Fructose
is also called levulose and fruit sugar;
fructose is also found in fruits, root
vegetables(such as sweet potato and onion)
and honey. It is a isomer of glucose and a
ketose simple sugar. Fructose has the highest
solubility among all sugars. Fructose can be
converted to its isomer glucose, after it enters
the blood stream.
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